– Beware Vacations Gateway are FRAUDS called me. Name of the persons were: Kabir, Abhishek@ 09266959249, 08468077406.All are frauds, their Noida numbers: Support No: +91 120 3146539, +91 120 6521232, +91 120 6521233 . All frauds. As per them they were offering 4 night and 5 day stay in good 4 or 5 star hotels for 4 People, they had list of hotels with them. After that they kept on following for payment of Rs. 5949. they called me 50 times saying deposit as early as possible. They marked me mail confirmation also about receiving of money and I received sms from ICICI that payment deposited in Vacations Gateway account. After that when I asked them in written to book hotel for me, they stopped taking calls and reverting me. I scolded that they are frauds and we fooling innocent people but they were stubborn and did not care about. They are fooling number of other people everyday with their hard earned money. Their site address: Their office address as mentioned in site is: Vacations Gateway Naya Baans 5th Floor, Bhagwan Sahai Tower, Sector-15, Noida – 201301 . I m sure this address will also turn to be fake. I want these people behind bars. Please contact with to teach a lesson to fraud people.

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  1. Your vacation team is totally fraud and now i am and with me 9 people who tired your team we are going to teach you batter from Court………………..

  2. We would request you to kindly mention your booking id, transaction id and any other info regarding to your complaint. Keep detailed records of mails, names, times and dates relating to your complaint. Any genuine complaints we receive are treated seriously and investigated immediately.

    Please call our Customer Services Team on:

    Support No: +91 120 6521232, +91 120 6521233

    You can also email us at: [email protected]