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Sub: Complaint against Vasavi Meppur Constructions Pvt., Ltd., and its directors regarding cheating, criminal conspiracy, misappropriation of funds – Reg.
1. I wish to make a complaint against (1).Vasavi Meppur Constructions Pvt., Ltd.,. (2). Mr.Krishna Prasad, Managing Director (#9884098860), (3). Mr.Badrinath and (4). Mr.Ravindranath, all directors of the said construction company and having office at No.8A, Kandasamy Street, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai – 600 028 and Mr.Thangaraj (#9381559799 – Proprietor of PRR BRICKS) the land owner of the site proposed Meppur Constructions and who had given general power of attorney (POA) dated 14.07.2010 to in favour of P.B.Krishna Prasad and registered the same vide Doc.No.1754/2010 at SRO, Kundrathur.
2. The above said company had made an advertisement in the HINDU front page dated 20.09.2013 inviting investors for construction of flats abetting Poonamallee highway, Meppur, next to KFC and the flats ranging from 18 lakhs to 55 lakhs. Based on this I had made call to the company expressing my interest in investing in this project.
3. Based on the power, the representative approached me and said that they would construct 552 sq.ft of constructed area on a land with UDS 293 sq.ft believing the promises I had gone to their office and made 1st payment of Rs.2,00,000/- (Rupees Two Lakhs Only ) dated 30.09.2013 and subsequently made the payments on various dates (i.e.) (i).Rs.1,53,280/- (Rupees One Lakh Fifty Three thousand Two hundred and Eighty Only ) dated 13.12.2013, (ii).Rs.3,75,360/- (Rupees Three Lakhs Seventy Five thousand Three hundred and Sixty Only ) dated 07.04.2015, (iii) On 03.09.2015 Rs.1,82,160/- (Rupees One Lakh Eighty Two thousand One hundred and Sixty Only) and (iv).Rs.91,080/- (Rupees Ninety One Thousand and Eighty Only) through NEFT dated 18.03.2016. Thus I have paid the total sum of Rs.10,01,880/- out of total land and construction cost which was said to be Rs.18,21,600/-. ( all inclusive ).
In the mean time the construction company represented by Mr.Krishna Prasad had entered into an Agreement for Sale and has been executed to in favour of Mrs.Sunanda Vinod (01st Applicant), W/o.P.Vinod Kumar (02nd Applicant) and also entered into a Construction Agreement, I and my husband were jointly entered in the month of September 2015, that they would complete the UDS land registration complete the construction and handover the building for my living before end of August 2017.
4. We have been regularly visiting the site but there is no sign of any construction activity. I have sent numbers of mail to Mr.Krishna Prasad requesting atleast to register the land under UDS but Krishna Prasad dragged me to his office number of times but it is all false promises. The above mentioned construction company had cheated number of innocent investors and all the directors are colluded to cheat me and several investors running to several Crores.
5. The modus operandi is to float private limited company for the projects with the project name collect funds and then abscond. In a similar project MAJESTICA in Medavakkam (Behind Pallikarnai) numbers of complaint of cheating in this project are pending in various Police stations including Pallikarnai, Chennai.
6. I would like to humbly submit that the company and its directors and the land owner had colluded to cheat me of Rs.10,01,880/- valuable money and as on date I am living in a rented house and with no permanent job. I request to take appropriate legal action against all the above said persons for cheating, committing fraud, colluding and various other offences and thus render justice.



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  1. I am VInod Kumar the above complaint has been filed by me with TNRERA but unfortunately nothing has happened till now and I have not received my refund back. I do not know where and all we innocent and middle class people have to knock our door very unfortunate situation in India where law also helps such corrupt inspite of us having solid proof against the frauders. God please help India and its people from such corrupt people. God save India.