Vibes – Stem Cell Therapy For Hair Loss (No Results)

HI, This is to inform you guys that i am client of vibes from past 1.5 yrs now. I unfotunately became a member of vibes in feb 2012 for stem cell therapy, Wr in i paid a total amount of 55,000 whihc 6 stem cell sessions and 4 basic sessions. Let me start up by saying my journey. 1st treatment was done by Dr.Vinitha with 6 sessions of stem cell therapy wr in they inject a solution into the scalp(which was painful) so this was done for abt 6 times in a span of 15 days each with 1 or 2 basic treatments which is (Hair spa etc) END : No Results and the above treatment also included medicines which were not less than 600 to 300 Later i was so frustrated with the results i had to speak to ARCHANA who is the branch manager of vibes kharkhana hyderabad. She however convinced me saying that this time our service will be good sir as our tea has changed. I got agreed to it and then again treatment started with Dr.Vanitha not Vinitha (Vinitha left vibes) again i was asked to get derma roller treatment which i got it done like 4 times again it was very painful. END : No Results. i called couple of times but i only get a response saying mam is busy or she is with a client I would request the the team to refund money as 55000 is not a small amount which i paid. Thanks , Akshay Singh Khosla 9885377461

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  1. Divyansh Gupta commented on a channel on YouTube.
    Shared publicly – 3:15 PM

    We all must have come across the VIbes discount voucher at the famous moview theatres and shopping malls, and it was the same voucher with’services worth INR 15,000/ FREE’ jingle which prompted me to visit the Vibes Banjara Hills branch for a hair cut, facial etc.
    THe Sales Rep of the Branch Namely Mona, introduced herself as a consultant and suggested Stem Cell treatment for my hairloss. I did share that I am undergoing treatment from RIchfeel already and it has helped me for preventing further hair loss.
    She Promised a fuller head of hair within 8 sessions of stem cells at INR 35,000
    Payment was asked to be made 100% at the same time
    I told Mona very specifically that I have already suffered disappointments at other famour reclaimed hair clinics and this time I will not tolerate false promises, to which she replied that the results will be visible by the 2nd session itself, also I made very clear that I do not use any steriods or alopathy eg: Minoxidil and Finorp etc as they have side effects. Alternately I am using richfeel DHT blockers orally. They were okay with this fact and enrolled me to the program with promise of’Guaranteed results’ as shown on the brouchers found in the malls.

    After every session, I question the results and reminded them of results promised. 8 sessions got over eventually and as expected with no improvement at all. They extended the number of sessions to 20-25 and included PRP sessions aswell but to no results.

    Apart from the PAIN of taking the injection on your head, you waste your time here for thorough unproffesional behaviour. THey have a standard phraseology to reply to your complaint by saying that 99% patients have got positive results and it is only YOU who is an exception. I came across about 6-7 patients who were also undergoing these treatments and shared a similar feedback of ZERO results. THe only difference they show to these people is by making them use Minoxidl solution which has temporary effects.

    From Day- 1, I had been requesting for a printed bill. Till Date I have not received the bills despite 22 reminders. On my last visit in June 2014, I was told by the HOD that the bills cannot be given now as the financial year is over( made no sense to me!), also when I requested for a redressal for my complaint, she said nothing can be done apart from giving more sessions.

    I have my picture records and hair count records with both Vibes and myself, on day-1, after every session in May 2014 and preparing to file a complaint in Consumer forum. Others effected can join me in a joint complaint and PIL etc and write to 

    1. Thanks, Your feedback has helped me to understand the procedural aspects involved in the hair re-growth treatment of vibes!! I have a so called ” free consultation” over this weekend with one of the branches in blore. I will take up your case an example and will demand an explanation on the same. may be i also would undergo a simiar incident in the next couple of months if at all i take their treatment. again, thanks for your post