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Reported By: Abhishek srinadh

Contact information:
Viennainfotech 46, Morningside Road, Edinburgh, Scotland EH11Be, United Kingdom

Here they had time limit but no monitoring and the questions were basic i was more doubtful now. After completing the test i started to do some research i visited their website it looked good but guess what the links in the footer section of the website were not linked to any pages!! but the links in the header were linked!. I searched for the company in linkedin nothing popped even searched for Mamta Chauhan found no trace of vienna infotech or Mamta chauhan.

Later i checked thier contact page of their website – it had a address of some place in Veinna, Austria, copy pasted the address in google maps found no Vienna infotech!!! i had all the proof to declare it fake. One last step was i had to check if there is any similar cases online, guess what there is, but with different name (rowlett solutions) and what’s the best part mamta chauhan is the HR \(“0″). That’s when i decided to write this complaint, Mamta Chauhan is the so called” HR” at “Viennal Infotech”, her first mail stating that my resume has been shortlisted for Java Developer role and am supposed attempt round 2 which is basic aptitude test, something was fishy, this test had no time limit, no monitoring for malpractices seemed to good to be true.

I still had a question at the back of my head where did they get my resume from, I checked all the portals where i have applied for jobs and i couldn’t find any company with name ” Vienna Infotech”. Next i get a mail saying that i have cleared round 2 there will be a online meeting (google meet) to explain about the company and the job role.

I was never let in the meeting, later received a mail saying there was some technical problem hence the meeting was not conducted blah blah….(screenshots below for details), you can attempt round 3 which is related to programming and it should be attempted the same day, reason for it was they had to onboard a candidate within 3days!!.

How to file a complaint against Viennainfotech?

* Go to page
* Write Viennainfotech in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Viennainfotech.

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