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Vishva Finance & Stocks – Professional misconduct and fraud with me

I am Aditya Chaturvedi from Bangalore. I deposited Rs 60000 for their services. Sameer and Sharma were dealing with me from their office. The said if you got profit then 30% you have to depositive and if loss then 50% we will return back to you. They gave me a trade call to buy nifty options 5900 call on 26/09/2013 at Rs 110, with a target 127. when i asked about stop loss they said dont do the stop loss we will let u later. But then trade me huge quantity. Because of quantity my broker put stop loss 89 because me in margin so broker can’t take any risk. when i called them and told them I put a stop loss then he said no worry your stop loss doesn’t triggered but sudden my stop loss triggered. When I asked for the money then they deny and also they took more than 50k and told me we will covered you loss i got huge loss approx 6 lakh. But sudden they again ask for the money and talking nonsense.
Mobile number is below and company website link and this is Ahemdabad based fraud company.
Vishva Finance & Stocks

Phone No: 079-40308544

Email: [email][/email]

Website: [url=]Vishva Finance & Stocks[/url]
Sameer and sharma fraud guys cell number.
7966634012, 7819811009 9016885063 and 7966634013

I caution the clients not to get their services as they are non professional company with extremely non professional employees. their aim is to play with the money of clients to satisfy their urge to experiment. please dont get into their trap mob# 07760073272
Aditya Chaturvedi
Address : B-211, VS chalet, hal post, near anisha stonyards

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  1. Dear Aditya, unfortunately i saw your note only today. But i also sail in the same boat as you. These guys are real frauds. Even I was asked to deposit Rs40K at once and the commitment from them was they will get me 2.25L net profit.
    As you rightly said, they asked me to trade in huge volumes and without stoploss, due to which I lost around 4 Lakhs.
    the guys who were dealing with me were 1. Aryan – +917966050009, +917820031163, +917966634009, +918460857827. The other guy Amit Sharma (i am not even sure if they have given correct names also) +917966634013.
    Anyone who reads this message, please never trade with such people, who will ensure you lose heavily and then they never turn up. Probably their website is also fraud site –

    Be careful if you are new to trading and don’t entertain such people.

  2. i am santhamoorthy from tamilnadu vishva finance stock representative his name
    rohit call me and he give one stock to watch and he told we provide daily one call it will atchive the target within a hour even the market is down side also. then i subcribed him first day i profited 1020 next day i lost 23000 and he told dont worry we will recover it next day buy huge quantity i did the same on next day call again l lost 16000 within two trading days i lost 39000 kindly aware about this vishva finance stock tips if he give free tips for one ask him to give one week then see what happen. really they are fraude company. the analizer did not know how to analize so be aware about that company if you want further detail call me in 9843650150