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Hi all,
I had ordered a dress worth rs 405 from vistaclothes. Firstly, i was in a bit of doubt about the price as it was at a really cheap rate. Second thing which i noticed was there is no cod option. You have to pay by card or netbanking only. Thirdly, at th time of checkout when we get otp, the payment is asked to be made in favor of shri hari real estate which i actually realised later after the payment was made.

Guys, it’s just a scam to make money. I just got an sms confirmation but no email. Then i contacted them that why no email is sent. And they say, the order will be delivered within 10-12 days. After sometime this guy calls me up and says he is cancelling my order as i had not got an email. This was something which was really shocking. I told them this is not a reason to cancel, but anyways i asked for a refund asap without any delay. They assured me but there was completely no apology from their end. Hopefully, i did get my refund on 4th april.

Later, i did check their page on facebook and it seems they have hidden all the comments which customers have posted, probably they don’t want to be disclosed in front of new customers. Please guys don’t ever fall into this trap. It’s a huge money making business by fraud.

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  1. sahanasrikanth

    hii friends..

    i had ordered a kurthi woth rs. 405 /- from vista clothes.., i was attracted by the product through facebook , still now no delivery of that kurti or reply for reminder mails.., few days before got an email stating that kurti will be delivered in 4-5 days, till of now i havent received, made payment by card as there was no COD option..

    very bad..

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