Vlebazaar.in – We have paid for 2 hard disks of 14 tb Rs. 49,998/- on date 20 april 2022, but till today date 2-Nov-2022, we have not received my ordered items after too much follow up.


Contact information:
vlebazaar.in Plot No 4, Numberdar Market, Grace road Sec 28 Gurgaon 122002

We had ordered 2 hard disks of 14 tb with order no. 1530591, dated 20-Apr-2022 with payment of Rs.49,998/- but after one month we had not received our ordered items. We have tried too many times on phone number 9026655551 (vlebazaar customer care), every 4th day to enquire about our order. Every time replied, it will be dispatched next day. After one month, they advised to cancel the order and we had requested to cancel the order and their officer had promised to refund within 2 to 3 days, but I have received stating that “your refund scheduled at 2022-07-24” i.e. more than 2 months.
But till today dated 2-11-2022, we have not received refund or our products. As we had placed the order to online company, we feel we are cheated by the above said company.
Please guide us how to get our products. Our work is also suffered a lot without the most necessary required items since last six months.
We are submitting our grievance through you to stop future frauds by this company to other innocent people.
Please do needful at the earliest.
Details of communication with company is also attached for your ready reference.
Thanking you.

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