Walmartinc MALL TASK PLATFORM – The money I cash in to them never gave back

Reported By: Klariza Peregrina

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Walmartinc MALL TASK PLATFORM United States

I was scrolling and i saw advertisement about shoppe or lazada as a part time job. I sent them a message to apply beacuse i need to have some part time job the first thing they ask me is whats my age then i answer after that they gave me a some link and i pressed it was a registration i need to fill so i can proceed to the next step after i finish register i log in to that platform and they gave me 50 so i can start for free vip0 after the task is done the commission is ready to witdraw at first it was good i got my commission then they asked me again if i want to continue i say yes because i need to have some extra income i take vip1 in recquires 10 task the first 3 task is low commission but after that the 4th task is has a high commission so i need to recharge amounting of 486 i cash in it to proceed in the next task as the task go after 5ft, 6th 7th task again is asking a high commission i need to recharge again so that I can proceed to the next I finish it again and 2 more task to go the 9th task asking me to have 9++ something I ask the agent if I cant comply to the merchant because I don’t have that money I ask them beacuse something is not right about their company they don’t have physical company or even customer services no more paper to prove etc, that they are legit they only say they are working in waltmart because the demand is high I don’t trust them I only ask if I can get my money back as like other here complaining but they always say I will not get my money back until I didn’t finish the task so I think I can’t because I don’t have any idea if will they take back my money.. but as I researched here I need my money back if there something way..


How to file a complaint against Walmartinc MALL TASK PLATFORM?

* Go to page
* Write Walmartinc MALL TASK PLATFORM in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Walmartinc MALL TASK PLATFORM.

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