– Refund of my invested money.

Reported By: Blessy Bench Salvaña

Contact information: Midsayap, North Cotabato, Philippines

This incident happened on Nobemner 23, 2022. This is against I was supposed to just click on the orders so I would get commissions every click. At first, it got me interested because you just have to register then you’ll get 50 pesos. Then after, you need to transfer 100 pesos to continue with their VIP1 and did 10 tasks or click then submit 10 orders, and then I withdrew 170 pesos. Then the mentor told me to level up, so I needed to transfer 500 pesos for VIP2, and then I did 20 tasks/orders, then I withdrew 750 pesos. It feels like it was really legit because I got my money back plus the money I earned. So I trusted the process and transferred 2,000 pesos for VIP3 and do 30 tasks, since it was stated that when you complete 3 levels, you would receive 5,000 as a base salary. So that’s what kept me interested. But not until I was in my 7th task that I needed to add 1,029 pesos for the difference. Since there is a big commission in return, you just have to continue adding money. So I added the 1,029 thinking that I will get my money after finishing the 30 tasks. But on my 16th task, I was stuck again because I needed to add 2,616 pesos to continue. The money that you have to recharge keeps getting bigger or higher and I am even far from the 30 tasks or orders I was supposed to finish, so that’s when I thought I needed to stop it and get my 3,000 pesos back since I do not have anymore funds to sustain the remaining orders. At first, it was fine. But now, it keeps demanding bigger amount of money to continue the tasks. I have already shed 3,000 pesos, it’s too much for an average housewife like me, so I need to get my money back. I have transfered money to 3 different GCASH accounts. Also, with regard to the “MENTORS” you continue to chat with in Whatsapp, they don’t introduce their names, and is very nonchalant when you chat with them. They also did not warn me about the possibilities of encountering cases like this as you go on completing the tasks. I told them about my concerns since I cannot add anymore money because I’m short on funds, but the mentor just said it’s my problem to find the solution for my money problems. Also they kept saying that the money I earned can only be withdrawn upon completion of tasks. It’s like they are assuring me to continue adding money because after completing the funds, I would get the bigger money. But since I cannot complete it due to shortage of funds, I cannot withdraw the current 6,324 pesos that I have earned in my account so far with my 16 orders. But now I don’t care about the 6,324, I just need to get back the 3,000 pesos I have invested. Attached is a screenshot of my account, with the Invitation number. I also have many screenshots with the transactions I did with them. I really thought I would get a sideline since that’s what I thought. I am just a housewife and a full time mom trying to find side jobs but I did not expect it would come to this. I really hope and pray that you could help me. I cannot add more on the attachments. But if you email me, I can send them all to you. Thank you very much.

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