Weavesmart online site – One Saree under order #46472 & another saree under order #46381

Reported By: Smita Mahapatra

Contact information:
Weavesmart online shopping site No idea, it’s a online site

Quality of the Saree under order #46472 is not good and the saree is also not like what is displayed in the website. I don’t like the saree and refund my amount Rs. 2430/ as soon as possible.
The quality of weaving of the Saree under order #46381 is not good, the threads are open all over the pallu and border which will be very uncomfortable to wear. So, I don’t like the saree at all and refund my money paid for this saree.

In fact, I am facing repeated harassment through your online firm, so, I don’t want to do any dealings with you ahead. Your site/app is always inaccessible mentioning “The app is currently under maintenance and use the app after sometime” but the word sometimes never ends and. It’s never opening to review the previous orders. No one is there to respond my repeated emails and WhatsApp messages in No. 9515126992. This is not only ridiculous but also harassing. So, want refund of the entire amount of Rs. 7260/ paid for order #46472 + the amount around Rs. 1500/ paid for the green handloom saree under order #46381.

I think it’s a cheat firm, so I need to close all connections with the site as soon as I get my money back (7260 + 1500 = 8760/). Please do the needful immediately.

Please refund amount of Rs. 8760/ immediately.


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