WHAAKY – WHAAKY.COM – regarding cloth and after sending complain non-responsible response

If you not responsible to taking any guarantee then how customer believe on you ?? how can product design might be change?? Pant change into capri !!! how?? Its talking like children. Don’t talk like this please…return my order…sorry boss there are so many sites which gives things right..

On Sat, Aug 9, 2014 at 1:29 PM, Support Whaaky wrote:
Dear Customer,
We would be definitely happy to assist you. We would like to inform you that we follow and inventory led model where products come to us in bulk. We can’t guarantee that you would receive the same product as that of the image. There might be slight deviations in the product design and color. But we ensure that the quality of the product is maintained.

For further queries, kindly revert to [email protected]

Thanks & Regards,
Your friends from Whaaky

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