WHAAKY – WHAAKY.COM – Worst Quality of clothes delivered

I ordered # jeans online on the company’s website seeing the product details and the offers as well as the terms and conditions. The details of order are :- Order ID : S80611796 Payment Mode : CREDITCARD Order Placed on : 2014-10-03 17:59:21

I also checked the quality of the clothes shown on the website and that was good.
They delivered me clothes on Oct 08, 2014. The Quality was very poor. It no where matches the quality or design as shown on the website. It is of worst quality and even one of the jeans is torn.
Moreover, when I talk for the same to the company support desk, the did not give me any response. They did not even reply.
I here believing you the highest powers, request you to please do the justice.

Yours faithfully,
Suraj Agey
+91 8866069836

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