Winzo – Winzo WCC game fraud

Reported By: Maliwad Maheshkumar

Contact information:
Winzo New dehli

Winzo gaming app is doing fraud In many of games in winzo there are so many hackers. Winzo always says no fraud detected when we complain. I complaint thousands of times even I reported the WCC game issue to winning not credited ..and I also show them the video of hack live.but still no action taken by winzo.I am complaining from last 2 month on winzo help support .and now they are stop replying to me .even after knowing the hack issue of WCC game and after seeing the live video of hack winzo is doing fraud and not updating or correcting the issue.and winzo is fully supporting hackers by not taking any action .the hack in WCC winzo is so simple that even KG child can do it easily. Hackers name THOR,Thor 2 0,luv Sharma, xfather, xmother,Rana ,kalu, baby doll, Shiva, dangerous, yes , these are few names of some hackers in WCC winzo game . The condition of WCC winzo game is so worst that you can’t play a single fair game in WCC winzo. I have many videos of hack with proof and I can also send many more video’s.. I complaint thousands of time and now winzo help support stop replying to me. 15

How to file a complaint against Winzo?

* Go to page
* Write Winzo in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Winzo.

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  1. This is bloody hackers game. There are cheaters in this game. I request everyone not to play this game. This is a fraud game. In starting you will win. When u win some rupees then they shows there real game. They all are hackers. I have lost thousands of my money in this game. If anyone will read my post I request to him not to play this game. Save your money friends. Thanks