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Reported By: Apoorva Joshi

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Workiconic company Karnataka

This company named workiconic looted my hard earned 28000 rs. This is a complete fraud company. On 10th May 2023 I got a phone call regarding online form filling work. I thought it is a good thing to earn money in my spare time. A girl named komal Gupta asked for my adhar card to start the work. I sent her picture of my adhar card after that I got a call from verification department from a person named rajiv aggerwal he told me that company will give me id and password that cost cost 25000 to initiate my work. He told me that if any mistake occurred from my side then I will have to submit a compensation amount of 4000 to restart my work. Then they provided me an ID and password to start my work of filling 700 forms in 6 days. After 5 days they blocked my ID and told me that I did mistake in my login and logout that’s why I will have to pay them 4000 to continue my work. Till 5 dated I had completed 506 forms. When I paid them 4000 they activated my ID again and I completed remaining 194 forms. When I submitted my work a note was written on my computer screen that “I have submitted 2 blank forms talk to your operational manager”. Next day I got a call from this company that I have to submit 2 forms and for that it is compulsory for me to purchase new ID that costs 8000. I had already worked hard for seven days now I wanted to get my salary as soon as possible so I paid them a refundable amount of 8000rs to buy new ID. I got a mail that this money is completely reundable. Then after that they provided me new ID password that was not working when I entered them on their portal. Then my HR manager told me that I misused their ID password therefore my salary would not be credited in my account.
After that I got a call from payment department of the company they told me to submit a amount of 16000 as to generate new id and fill my 2 Remaining forms. I was so blind to get my salary and invested money back that I paid them 16000 rs.
Then I got a call from stuck department of the company they told me that they did not receive 16000 amount therefore I will have to pay them again 16000 rs and this money will be refunded in my account.
I had lost 4000+8000+16000 = 28000 rs and my hardworking of 7 days. They threatened me that they will start legal prosecution against me for not completing my work.
After this I had understood that these people scammed me and this a gang of atheist 10 to 12 people in which majority are girls
I request you to put these people behind the bars. They destroyed my mental peace completely and financially I was already scammed.
Kindly take firm action as soon as possible otherwise this fraudulent gang will continue to scam other innocent people. I don’t want anyone suffer the same problems that I have suffered. Kindly take action as soon as possible against them.

Everything thing about this company is fraud as they also have a dummy website where they have fake reviews of people. You can easily find their website named on Google.


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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Workiconic company.

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