WVP International – immigration/ abroad jobs

Reported By: Jay Pan

Contact information:
WVP International New Delhi

Wvp international is a fake consultant. They fool people by making false promises. I too got trapped n believed them, lost 33000 rs n wasted more than a year time.

Wvp international is a thug. I have few people with me now who also got trapped by wvp international nehru place new delhi.

Never ever trust on them.. Dont invest a single penny… They are running scam.. Stay safe… You can connect me on my email.

WVP International has wasted my one year & 33000 rs.. don’t get trapped by their fake promises..they fool people.

never spend a single rs on them.

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  1. I joined them bcoz they promised me to get pr within 6 months . I didnt know about express entry . One of the employyee from wvp told me to pay 1500 initially and then 41k for scheduling the interview with some hr in canada which was fake . Then even if my interview was not well i got pass. And then i realized that they are fraud and nobody is going to give u pr without masters or 3 plus year work experience. Please dont fall in trap.

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