www.Goalgo .com( Pune passed ) – Fraud case taken my 45000/- for teaching and software totally make fool

Reported By: Kanwal raj

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www.Goalgo .com( Pune passed ) Rishikesh

Hi My Kanwal raj
They are totally fraud taken 45000/- from me told me to teach me the course of Algo trading but they are not teaching and took my all money and they trade them selevs with the Name. GO ALGO PLATFORM showing profit and loss not given me any response not picking my phone. Named sajal madam / Aditya ji / and Ayush ji fooled me in the for the sake of education talked to me and through UPI they transfered all my 45000/- made me fool for teaching me but after taken my hard earned money no response not taking any call 3 days before they frauded with me they made me to transfe the money I am going to file my compliment in SEBi portal I requested to them to plz return my money but they have blocked me
Don’t be trapped
If they won’t return my money they would be responsible for all the consequences after complaint.

How to file a complaint against www.Goalgo .com( Pune passed )?

* Go to page
* Write www.Goalgo .com( Pune passed ) in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from www.Goalgo .com( Pune passed ).

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