www.leveloperator.in and mcxleveloperator.in – BIG FRAUD IN COMMODITY TIPS

Iam also one of the client in www.leveloperator.in now again create new website www.mcxleveloperator.in Pls check (www.whois.net) http://whois.net/whois/mcxleveloperator.in http://whois.net/whois/leveloperator.in http://whois.net/whois/operatorlevel.in BIG cheaters 1.KEYA CHANDRA / 2 SANTOS PANDEY / 3 AJITKUMAR ROY / 4 SUBHAM AGARWAL / 5 SIDDHARTH all are partners they open different website in different name but under ZEN CONSULTANCY every person have different bank account.. PLS PLS PLS DONT PAY THIS BIG CHEATERS THESE ARE MOTHER FUKERS……. PLS CHECK THEIR ADDRESS AND DOMAIN ADDRESS….. I LOST MORE THAN 3 LAKHS IN LAST 2 MONTHS… THEIR TARGET WAS 5 LAKHS IN ONE WEBSITE… IF ACHIVED FRAUD GUYS PROTECT THAT WEBSITE… LIKE www.odinjackpot.in and now www.operatorlevel.in protected..

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