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Hi, Today I have decided to share my past several months experience in Commodity Market Tips Providing companies. I have been trading in commodity market for last 6 years and have taken services of several tips providing companies. I am going to share the worst experience of mine.

www.odinjackpot.in – Now Closed this domain.
www.operatorlevel.in – Now Protect Past Performance Creation Date – 08-Dec-2013 www.leveloperator.in – Running from 02-Feb-14 www.mcxleveloperator.in – Running from 15-March-14

Fraud tips 2 months ago I got a call from a girl Ms Keya (May be fake name or not) stating that we are operators call tips provider and we will provide daily one call 100% sure shot.If u want check our web and ODIN performance. But I did not believe her. Finally I paid Rs 15000 to Axis Bank A/c Nr ( SANTOS PANDEY 913010056821659 IFSC CODE UTIB0000874 ) for Gold tips.

Next day service was activated, I didn’t receive tips any on that day, I call that Girls she didn’t pick up my call, next day I check their web and see the performance but it was mentioned Rs 11000 profit. I call again and she pick up my call and said call after 8.30 Pm .
I call at 8.30Pm she said its not our mistake we send sms all clients, pls check your mobile service provider, next 2 days no calls due to office holidays, next week also same problem. Paid clients number also they cant given to me. Iam ask she reply above Rs 40000 only for communication number will given.

One day 24-Feb-04 they given sell call but updated buy call and profit was Rs 18000.
I was shocked, I stopped trading and I started fighting with them that what happened why I am incurring loss. They said just wait sir we will definitely recover all your loss

Finally today I m end up with loss of 2 Lakhs rupees (13 Calls) just because of that bitch. I have lost all my earnings and paid from my pocket this huge loss. Can we do something with these fraud guys. Do anyone has link with FMC if he can pass this information to them. I do not want anybody to loose their hard earned money on these crapped people. I have all the proofs like contract notes.

ODIN and past one year records are fake and phot shop edit, donkeys start fraud business was last December onwards. Pls check their domain creation dates.

Owner Name : Keya Chandra & Subham Agarwal for domain.
Bank A/c : Santos Pandey & Ajit kumar Roy

Today I am really sad that I trusted that bitch. I am a looser

Once again I request all Please don’t subscribe, BIG FRAUD

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