Www.rongfup.com or they called it Amazon Shopping – I am complaining about their platform

Reported By: Relyn D. Suetas

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Www.rongfup.com or they called it Amazon Shopping Kabankalan City

At first they will let you recharge in small amount and then the customers items as they said after purchasing customers 3 items you can get commission and youcan withdraw your money and they even give you a 100pesos bunos and then they let me recharge again any amount that I can and do the same process as the task 1. After finishing the task 2 items Price are getting higher. I finished the task 2 and get my commission and withdraw my money. And they ask me again to recharge it seems ok to me for the first item to purchase but I noticed that the items price getting higher and expensive which I can’t recharge that kind of amount because I don’t have savings and I don’t have work too I’m a solo parent and un employed and my coach told me to borrow money from my friends,family or get a loan in a bank just to finished my task. I already told her that I cant complete my task but she said I can’t get my money back unless I finished my 3rd task they even lend me 4000php just to complete the money I needed. And still I can’t finished my task because the items is very expensive, i ask them if I can get my money even without the commission but it’s sad to say that they can’t give my money back. And I can’t even open their link now. I feel so helpless and stress about the money I lost for them. Please help me how can I get a refund for it.


How to file a complaint against Www.rongfup.com or they called it Amazon Shopping?

* Go to page
* Write Www.rongfup.com or they called it Amazon Shopping in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Www.rongfup.com or they called it Amazon Shopping.

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