Zarikynaa – The product quality was not as expected and their exchange policy is not as said.

Reported By: HIRITHIKA R P

Contact information:
https:// Surat

My order number on Zarikynaa was ZKT15973 which was worth Rs.3000. The order was two sarees and a get one saree free for that. I received four products instead and the quality was so bad for what I had ordered and one saree was extra out of nowhere and one of the sarees were of a different color from my order. I tried contacting the company on whatsapp and I also filled up a return/or exchange form on their website, which I had no response to. I’ve been reaching out to them on whatsapp for 8 days now and proper response has not been given. They are taking up almost a whole day to reply to a single text and that too is not clear to understand. It had been difficult to exchange what I had got now and I don’t know how to return these products and it’s a terrible loss for me. The advertising and the photos that they have on their website does not look the same on the products quality. They keep postponing the exchange saying we ll do it tomorrow and stuffs and I’ve lost my hope one them. They itself do not know how to process the exchange and they text in a very confusing way. They texted with a no problem mam at first and since then it has never not been a problem to me. It’d be much easier if they could give a proper response and solution to the orders and exchange that they are taking in. To brief about the order, I ordered 3 soft silk sarees and when I received them it was not in the quality that I expected and instead of one saree being green it was purple and then there was an extra saree in the parcel which was not supposed to be there. When I wanted to exchange, initially they said we can exchange two sarees as one is get one free and now it changed to mam you can exchange only one saree because we’ve already given you one extra saree which I clearly didn’t ask for. All the products on their website are mostly of the same cost, so I thought it’ll be easy to exchange for the same amount that I put in. As for now, it seems like they won’t exchange any time sooner and also the money won’t be given back. Kindly do the needful about this company and their issues, so that they could fix them and will not keep doing the same on other people too.

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* Go to page
* Write Zarikynaa in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Zarikynaa.

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