31st Dec 13 Tulip Star Ground-Fraud Event! Cheated-Purple stone entertainment-Macau Madness

Hotel Tulip Star ground, Juhu, Mumbai and Purple stone entertainment conned 8 thousand people big time! The New year party tickets were booked through Book My Show and 2000-7000/-per person was charged. Alomst 1.7 crores was what the organizers must have profited by cheating on peoples money. juhu police was called to lodge FIR against Purple Stone entertainment and Tulip Star management.
People had to wait for 4 hours for the entry and no foof and beverages were given. CHEATED PEOPLE ON NEW YEAR! All of them involved please lodge a police complaint so that the organizers learn a lesson! These people have run away with crores of money by cheating! Demand for you emoney by refund! Police must act on this till we get our money back!!

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  1. We will not let it go like that guys so need your support to make an impact please like our page Tulip star fraud @ Macau nights on Facebook. We are planning an event this weekend to get the refund.

  2. They ruined our new year..I am with u my friend. We should get out money back.do tell me what should I do to help the cause

  3. Saurabh Chaturvedi

    I am Saurabh Chaturvedi, a Mumbai based engineer & social activist (without any benefits). I have a plan regarding the refund of our hard earned money that was robbed on 31st night & I will definitely act on this provided you guys help me.. I will require few more inputs from the persons who have been robbed. Probably what you can help right now is to insist your group to mail me individually about your concerns & a request for refund. Your mail will help me to nip in their butts & get our hard-earned money back. Police has already got their share from management but their are other ways which we can act upon. Request you to follow FB page created by one of our friend & be updated. I will keep you updated once I receive your mail.
    Biggest challenge as of now is to get the robbed persons unified at one place. Please help me & suggest other friends who went there to mail me at [email protected]

    1. I along with my other 2 couple were cheated by organisers at Tulip star. We paid for 3 couple passes @ 3600 per pass. The name of the person whom I contacted was Sagar . since I lost my Mobile I do not has his number but can find out with my wife’s cell.

      Brij Agarwal
      Please feel free to connect at 9820080169 or [email protected]

  4. I booked one couple pass from Bookmyshow (ID TSJM0000006QDG). They ruined our new year plans and we are feeling like cheated.

    1. Hello

      Same was the case with US , these are shameless people who make big money on the cost of people feelings , it was sad to see all of them turning back with mood off …