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Reported By: Hanna Karanevich

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Air Arabia United Arab Emirates

Dear sir/madame, I am sending this mail because I have experienced an outrageous incident when flying back from Casablanca to Geneva via Arabia Airlines. With this mail I would like to raise a formal complaint and request a refund. Please see below the explanation of what happened in Casablanca Airport (Arabia Airlines) on 27.02.2022. My boyfriend and I decided to arrange a retour trip from Geneva, Switzerland to Casablanca, Morocco. Our intended travel dates were Sunday 20 February to Sunday 27 February. My boyfriend and I booked our tickets separately his booking number is 81202947 and mine is 1935493479. The incident covered in this mail, occurred on the return flight. On Sunday 27 February we arrived on the Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport around 10.00am, assuming that both our return flight is at 14.45. The check-in time was 11.45, however we arrived earlier so that we could return our rental car. Well before the opening of the check-in time, we attempted to check in, and it appeared that only my boyfriend could check in. Only at this time we found out that I made a mistake when I booked my flight. Instead of Sunday 27.02.2022, I booked my return flight on Sunday 27.03.2022. At the check-in counter, we asked the ground crew how we can correct my mistake. The ground crew told me that the flight was fully booked, but they advised us to wait ‘2 or 3’ hours, and after they were able to ‘rebook’ my flight for 400 MAD. Rebook and 400 MAD were exactly the words that the ground crew used. Hearing this, we were insanely happy at the time, and were happy to pay 400 MAD for our mistake as agreed. We decided to wait, but in the meanwhile we found a lot of tickets via and in official website Air Arabia for around 200 CHF. After 1 hour waiting around 11.00, once again my boyfriend and I went to the same personnel of the ground crew and asked them if we could already rebook the ticket. They again told to come back later, because all seats were still taken. They told us to be rest assured that we could rebook the flight for 400 MAD at 13.30. At 13:30 we came to the ticket counter and were told that there were indeed still seats available and we would be given a ticket as we had been advised. After that we were given the payment terminal for payment and finalization, which instead of 400, the price of 4000 MAD was shown! We immediately started to clarify what this means, the man said that of course for 400 MAD no one will sell us a new ticket and offered. This was the first time we got to hear of this price. Also, before the ground crew was speaking about rebooking, while now he was selling a new ticket to us. The same ground crew that advised us to wait to rebook, now told us that a rebooking is not possible. And advised us to go downstairs to the service desk and try there. Why didn’t the ground crew offer this option first? In a rush we ran to the service desk, and quickly told the story. The service desk employee told us that we should have visited his desk earlier, because he was not able to rebook after check-in started. The service desk employee told us that now tickets can only be bought upstairs at the check-in desk. We asked the service desk employee whether the ground crew in the check-in desk is aware of the fact that Air Arabia doesn’t allow rebooking after check-in has started. The service desk employee confirmed that the ground crew should be aware of this fact. So, if the ground crew knew that we couldn’t rebook after check-in, then why did they advised us to wait and why did they promise the price of a rebooking (400 MAD)? To us it really came over as if the ground crew made us wait fraudulently until the last minute, when we could not do anything, neither buy on the internet, nor rebook on the 1st floor with the false promise of 400 MAD for a rebooking. With no other options left, we went back to the ground crew and asked to speak to the manager, who of course was not there. We said that we would appeal against this, because by fraudulent means we were made to wait and lose time…if it was not possible to rebook, we would have bought the ticket for 200 CHF, which was still available at 10.00am till 11.45, but no way to wait until the last minute to buy it afterwards for 400 CHF. The ground crew mentioned that the only way now, is to buy a go-show ticket. This word was not used earlier to us, as before he offered 400 MAD for a rebooking. We entered the airport before the check-in time and had plenty of time to buy a regular ticket or to rebook, so in a fraudulent manner they made us wait to force us to buy a go-show ticket! In this regard, I would like to appeal to the airline to compensate us for the money received by fraudulent means, without even mentioning a moral compensation! The ground crew just abused the situation and made us wait till we didn’t have many options left with the aim to make us buy a go-show ticket. People like me really work hard for their well deserved money and I think it is very sad that people at Air Arabia decide to take advantage in such situation. In case of refusal to think with us for means of compensation, we would like to inform you that we will take legal action, as it is not acceptable that people earn money for your airline in such a disgusting way. It must be punished and prevented. So that no one would face such unfair treatment in the future!


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