Aliceblueindia – Aliceblue is fraud cmpany

Dear Sir,

With due Respect , I’m sending this mail as a complaint against the brokerage firm ALICEBLUEINDIA .

I had opened an account (bl032) with ALICEBLUEINDIA, Bangalore branch three months back , taking the Life Time Brokerage plan after paying nearly INR 11000/- . But after 2 weeks , I found out that they have activated my account only for Commodities whereas I had selected Equity and FnO segment also . After that I’m following up with them on daily basis but no result. And it’s more than 3 months now that nothing has progressed in this issue

Here are few points which I want to bring your attention :

1. After this pathetic service by ALICEBLUEINDIA , I wanted to cancel the account. But now they are saying , no money will be refunded if I go for cancellation as it is a Life Time Brokerage plan. That means , if someone has opted for this plan and not traded atleast once also, then he/she is helpless even they give pathetic service.

2. Whenever I call to the their customer care number 180030701155 and select the region as Karanataka , only one person picks up the call . And sometimes , the calls get unanswered as it seems only one person has been employed for their customer service job . What kind of brokerage firm it is ?????

3. Whenever I call to the Bangalore branch, they assure me that the issue will be resolved within 1 hour. I’m sure, the 1 hour is not over yet , for the last 3 months.

4. I’m sure they must be doing this knowingly to block my brokerage money.

5. And worse is their trading platform and complete system

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  1. hi samarjeet,

    give me your mobile no… i want to talk with you…. bcz i am also already given around 10500/- and still not opened my acccount and they are not refund also the same……what we can do???? pls revert with your mobile no,,,,, i want to speak wiith you…..

    1. Hi Samarjeet,

      I am also in your line, pls give the details how to resolve this. I am also paid money till now cannot get account.
      Thanks in advance