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Alpfly Private Limited – Scammers a big time scam from doesn’t pay salary

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Posted On: 22/08/2016
By: Ranjeet0207

Contact information: Alpfly Private Limited

I’ve never recieved my salary by saying some reasons company is owned by mr. Shubham tripathi and mr. Rk gupta both are big fraud people… They also have a fraud hr her name is monalisa. And phone : +91-9899707542, +91-8377929596. And these fraud directors email is :, and, they keep promising false promised to there clients and their employees… I left the job and i was one of the suferers in that company and did not paid even my salary and incentives in thousans. Now they have started travel business and have changed their website completly from a pc tech support to become travel company hahaha very funny big time scammers and fraud people in delhi ncr. Important message : their work office address is same :
B-1 greenwood city,
Gurgaon, haryana, 122003
I will suggest evryone to keep away from them and this company… They provide technical support.. So i request you stay away from them as much as you can if you dont want

To spoil your money and career … one of the big cheaper and beggar company in india running tech support inbound pop up campaign scam.

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20 thoughts on “Alpfly Private Limited – Scammers a big time scam from doesn’t pay salary

  • Rahul keshav says:

    This is to inform you Mr. Ranjeet that our company does not have service record by your name and no due is left with us in regard of your name. So kindly stop posting these irrelevant post and the subject matter which you have mentioned in your post are not related to our company,your whole story is malafide, cooked up and frivolous.

    You have no business with our company and altogether you are tarnishing our company’s image among it’s clients. so stop this all nonsense otherwise company will initiate all legal remedy and proceedings against you under various provisions of Indian Penal Code and Information Technology Act or you may be subjected to compensate the company as may be directed by the honorable court of law.

    Legal Team.
    Alpfly Private Limited.
    B-1 Greenwood City,, Sector 45, Gurgaon, Haryana 122021

  • Ranjeet0207 says:

    Very Very Upset and Very Disappointed to Say That I I’ve Been False Promised By The The Director of This Mentioned Company Mr. Ravi Kant Gupta is Keep on Calling me since Last few Day’s Gave me Lame Excuses for my Salary Again. and Ask me to follow His Legal Advisers Instructions, So that this post can be removed out from this site. And I Agreed to do so as well but when i demanded for my salary he again started playing with his words and didn’t pay it. And Straight said That Do What You Do I Don’t care but I will not Pay Your Salary Go Anywhere. Finally He Proved what kind of Director he is and what Company he’s Running this is something i need not to explain you. i Further assure This Company ALPFLY Pvt Ltd. and Brighton InfoServe Pvt Ltd. that i will Take this Matter to Labour commissioner of Delhi and Labour Court to Fight and Get My Salary Through Labour Court. and moreover The Director of Mentioned Company Said He will fire a Law Case on Me to post all these Comments to Show their Real Characters on Consumer Sites.

    • Sivan says:

      Can you share the conatct details address phone, mobile and emails of all related persons of M/s Alpfly. I have made a complaint

  • Rahul keshav says:

    Again you are beating about the bush, you are not clear with our contention, your issue is related to Brighton services ltd. and alpfly private limited does not relate to it anywhere. kindly peruse MCA record at your leisure.

    You do what you want to do, you are free at your will, whether you take up brighton to Labour court or any other competent court that is your issue we do not apprehend you, but Mr. you are wrongly or intentionally making false allegation against alpfly private limited and for this you will face legal consequences.

    This is our last and final warning to you, stop such nonsense and sullying act otherwise we will proceed with legal notice, criminal complaint in cyber cell of police dept. and defamation case against you. nor you were part of alpfly pvt. ltd., neither you are existing personnel of alpfly pvt. ltd., nor your salary issue related to us.

    So heed and comprehend what we are contemplating and do follow an apology letter.

    B-1 Greenwood City,, Sector 45, Gurgaon, Haryana 122021

  • vivek says:

    Alpfly from the post of Ranjeet it seems like that something is malicious here. I don’t believe your words certainly after seeing all these posts. Was planning to buy 10 tickets @21999 but after sseeing this I will not

  • Aadarsh says:

    Yes it seems malicious but reading the article it seems that they provide tech support as well for malicious stuffs, and there is another complaint with screenshots and proofs against them. It was mentioned that this company was working by the name Alpkey or something and when when I googled about that now no way in hell I am going to buy any ticket from this company. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Hehe

    Thank you Ranjeet.

  • Renu says:


    I am Renu, holding 2 packages by the name of star plan INR 21999 each which have 10 tickets per package in hand. Till now i have utilized 6 tickets for my trips. I am pretty happy the kind of service they offer. The prices which they offer is not even less then competitive but the services provided by them is aw some. It is ultimately the benefit of mine to save the money of my travel expenses..if anybody wants to make their travel budget fix & flat just go for it without any hesitation.

    • Deeapk kumar says:

      Dear Renu

      I think you never traveled OR not travel in airlines .Now a days if you want to travel any where in India it will not cost you more arround INR 2500 Per sector (except few sectors ) and top of it we do not have to block money in some where.Which is not worthy .

  • Kavleen Kaur says:

    I am surprised to read the above complaint, as I myself had bought a couple package in the month of July’16 and had travelled 4 times to and fro, with my husband using their service. They are very prompt in responding to your queries and I strongly disagree that this company is a scam. Mr. Ranjeet, i think you are mistaken and submitted this complaint erroneously.

    I have referred this offer to one of my relatives as well and even they had bought a family package previous week.

    I suggest you should always try yourself first, before commenting on the services of a reputed company.


    • Deeapk kumar says:

      Hi Kavleen

      Please do let us know how much much money alpfly offers you to write in his favour……its look like big time scam .I am bit surprise that idiots like you are ready to block there money in private firm which is not reliable at all.

  • Gabbar says:

    Big Scammers. Dont ever buy anything from alpfly. I Think the above 2 positive comments about alpfly is their own written. As you can see when MR.Ranjeet post the article no one have talked about their service. If you noted after Vivek post suddenly 2 people given good review. More over if think practically hardly people will give good review in Indian Ecommerce sites. In this case you can easily understand people never spend time to give good review in COMPLAINTS WEBSITES. I am dammn sure the positive review about alpfly is written by alpfly team.

    Hello Alpfly Team
    Insted of cheating the innocent people go and die.

    Alpfly is 100% SCAM and FRAUD

  • Rahil says:

    Alpfly is a big spam. As Mr. Gabbar said, the two positive reviews are written by Alpfly themselves. Anybody with some brain can make out that the two positive reviews are fake.

    We are not fool, Alpfly. Try something better.

    And, ladies and gentlemen, don’t lose your hard earned money to these scammers called Alpfly.

  • Faras says:

    Hi guys also they very clearly say that they can use only 2 tickets a month and how did she use 6 tickets , so it’s clear there is something fishy in this…

  • pradeep says:

    Thank you i think they are fake and bubble will burst soon.

  • Bhawna says:

    How weird is this! This same Renu has left positive comments on various websites saying she has used 2 tickets or 6tickets or something!
    These different statements of hers’ assures us that its certainly a paid review ! Because one would not differ in two posts around the same time !
    I was thinking of buying their plan BUT with such a debate and such suspicious reviews , i am not even gona think to buy any such offer!
    Thank u Mr. Ranjeet to bringing such companies to the right limelight and saving the innocent people and their hard earned money !
    Hopefully your issue is looked into and you get your due in no time!

  • Meera says:

    Thank you all.. was planning to buy 2 packages today for me and my friend., luckily thought about going through the reviews before doing it .. positive response by those two made it more suspicious.. otherwise would’ve brushed other complaint as a cry by the former employee.. anyway thanks.. I saved 40k..

  • Neeraj says:

    I am glad that information is easily available now on search; this page saved me from putting my money with them.

    What more worked is the fact that there is no press release from airlines about tie up with this company

  • Ramesh Kumar says:

    Ramesh Kumar Delhi

  • Dr.RaviPrakash Agarwalla says:

    Alpfly sold us two star plans for domestic sector air travel . Now their website has technical fault and we are unable to book on My journey. When we told them to do bookings they kept on delaying on one pretext or other. They are big fraud people who accumulate wealth by one time false promises and never deliver.Beware of such cheaters.They are not responding to calls or e mails reasonably and make excuses like tell me to whom you talked to or send screen shots etc. etc.

  • amit says:

    i am also facing problems i cant book tkts if booked they wont be able to give tkts, it is not possible in3999 15 tkts all over india
    i bought star priviledge.

    pls stay away from this company it is better to buy tkt from make my trip its cheaper rather to invest in this company alpfly.

    there is nothing about the promoters or company directors, no proper phione nos today i called there custimer care it was waiting for 3hrs. i think i lost my money

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