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Reported By: Tanya Saini

Contact information:
Amazon Mission hall Philippines

I got involved in a business named by Amazon Mission Hall and that business was all about selling products by your own money and getting refund for the se with 10℅-100℅ hike for which you have to finish some tasks. These tasks are preformed on the basis of money which you have to add in your application’s wallet by paying money to some upi ID’s which application will reflect on the screen. So I did the same and crossed level 2 for which I gave ₹1500 and then they asked me to pay more and reach the next level to redeem my amount so I paid ₹4000 more and finished one task but didn’t get my money so they asked me to do it one more time and this time the amount which I had to pay was ₹15900 and then I stopped myself not to pay more and I asked them to give my money back but they refused and asked me again and again to finish the task to redeem all my money which I paid till now. And now I lost ₹5500 for that fraud and that was the only savings which I had and now I don’t have a single penny in my account.
I’ll be grateful to you if you will help me to get my money back in my account and also they have my bank details, I request you to please seize it so that they won’t be able to hack my bank account.

How to file a complaint against Amazon Mission hall?

* Go to page
* Write Amazon Mission hall in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Amazon Mission hall.

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