Angel Broking – Angel borking Unauthorised / illegal Trading and Forgery

I have a trading dispute. On 26th of june there was some investment done from my account.
I got a Phone call from your agent. I agreed for the first transection…for 5000 scrips of OPTIDX NIFT and I made some profit.
The agent called me again and told me that now we will invest on only 2000 OPTIDX NIFT and I agreed for only 2000.
Then he called me again and said he had not purchased 2000 quantity as the rates were going down. So he asked if I wanted to buy 2000 Scrip at a lower rate of 21 .I agreed he said he will keep a stop close at Rs10. I also told him that’s a risk he said that the market will come up but it went down to Rs 7. He sold my stocks at not even at the rate of Rs10 but at Rs 9.70.
So According to me I had only purchased 2000 scrips and sold them at loss however he had actually purchased 4000 scrips and I never authorized for that.
So I emailed Angel broking I got a call in few days I asked them to check the phone calls as they are all recorded. The feedback guy told me that there were only 4 recordings and in those recordings according to him I have agreed for the transaction.
There were more than 9 phone calls made for all those transactions and I also emailed angel broking exact time and the duration of the calls but I have not received any email reply from the feedback and the complain team. I have emailed on and but no reply what so ever.
This shows how pathetic the service is. My last email to them was on 3rd of july and still no call or email from Angel broking. This is the worst trade experience ever. I lost over Rs. 50000 In just one day.

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  1. Hi Agnelo,

    “We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you. Based on the information stated, we will look into your concern.

    Kind Regards,
    Angel Broking