Anutamaya Clothing – Failure to meet proper order and Perversive Behaviour

Reported By: Aashna Viswanathan

Contact information:
Anutamaya Clothing

I had ordered a white palazzo pant and while ordering I had clearly mentioned my measurements and the fact that it should not be see-through at all as I also wanted to wear it tops and they assured me that it is completely opaque. Upon receiving the order, the pants did not fit and it was completely see-through.

I asked for the refund/exchange policy and came across a previous chat where they mentioned that I could not apply for either. I was okay with it as they mentioned that I can alter it and the size was true if I completely stretched it but I still brought up the visibility aspect and they asked for pictures. I told them that I cannot provide them with pictures because my underpants were completely visible and I feel uncomfortable.

They persisted on sending proof so I sent a picture of my arms inside the pant leg where the stripes on my shirt were completely visible. Then they argued that it is a dark color so I sent a picture of the pants with a nude color underwear and sent a picture. Then they rudely disapproved and repeatedly asked for pictures of me wearing it.

I told them that I am not comfortable exposing myself when the pants are see-through and my entire buttocks would be visible. They were rude and did not accept the fact that their product is not what they actually claim to be. They argued that the picture of the pants with the visible underpants is different from when I actually wear them. I completely disagree.

Even more so, if it is visible without anyone wearing it, it will be all the more visible after someone wears it. I asked them not to message me again and still sent one more rude message after which they blocked me. It is more than obvious that I have lost my money and my right to raise a voice on social media.


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