Awho Society, Greater Noida — Stray Dogs Menace

I stay in AWHO society in Greater Noida. This society has become home to atleast 10-12 stray dogs and with their free and continual breeding, this number is increasing rapidly. These stray dogs are proving to be a regular nuisance by attacking and mauling residents of this society. Nearly 12- 15 people including children have been bitten by these strays till now and far more than that have been attacked and injured greviously. I myself was attacked by a stray dog today and luckily escaped from its bite. My mother was attacked by 3 dogs yesterday when she went to a grocery store in the society itself. There was also a news item concerning this issue in Dainik Jagran, when a child was severely mauled by a pack of stray dogs here. A lot of residents have complained against this to AWHO society administrative authorities but no action has been taken to check this problem. Once police was called by residents to counter this problem but due to protest by just one resident who is an animal lover, no steps were taken to counter this problem. Is it right to risk so many lives due to just one protest. AWHO society charges maintainance fee but never redresses to residents complaints. Kindly send an animal friendly dog catcher van to remove these stray dogs from our society as soon as possible so that we can lead normal lives without any fear.

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