Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd. – Loss of sum assured amount by Rs.202171.00(922941 – 720770) against policy No. 006207698

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I have registered complaint of my grievance to the Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd. on 24/09/2013 under complaint token number is BSLI-P-2013-007087. The details of the complaint for the same is given below. BSLI is not clarified me about the loss of Sum Assured amount as mentioned above till now.

“My total contribution for the policy is Rs. 9,22,770.00 (monthly installment @ Rs.5200.00) against BIRLASUNLIFE- VISION LIFE INSURANCE PLAN – 15 Years, but Rs. 7,20,770.00s as shown sum assured. I do not understand why an amount of Rs. 2,02,17.00 (Rs. 922941 – Rs. 720770) less recorded in the policy. Normally benefits calculated on sum assured amount as per the policy. What is the basic/base calculation and if there is any wrong calculation, kindly inform to me. A calculation sheet of the policy is attached on the above.”

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