Burnzay – Chinese shoe manufacturer

Reported By: Rolland Wilbur Amos

Contact information:
Burnzay Severn MD
Lulu (FERAY-HELP) at support@ferayservice.zendesk.com

I ordered a pair of Burnzay shoes some 3 months ago on the internet. The photographs of their products are very flattering – whereas the actual product is not. The shoes arrived but did not fit. I’d ordered 9 1/2 Wide, but the shoes I received actually had no size whatsoever indicated – just a number – 5709.42. I requested a refund (no offer of an exchange was made, so I guess Burnzay has no wide shoes to offer) but Burnzay has no clear-cut return policy. First, they said they would refund 30% of my money if I just kept the shoes. Then they said I could get a full refund if I returned the shoes to their warehouse in China (to Dongguan (city) in Guangdong (State) in China 523660 (ZIP) – although the shoes had originally been shipped to me from California. Returning the shoes to California was not an option for me. Then, in another message Lulu (Burnzay representative in some foreign country, apparently, judging from her English) said I could get 60% of my money back if I just kept the shoes – but that would involve my filling out an extensive form that I didn’t feel comfortable doing (besides, they already know me, my address, etc.). So, it appears they have a policy (i.e. scam) of sending shoes they know will not fit, then jerk the customer around until he gives up, which allows Burnzay to make money by simply shipping anything whatever out to customers. In any case, they don’t want their shoes returned. So, right now, I still have the shoes (sending them to China would be prohibitively expensive) and Burnzay has my money. I see no way out of this impasse. Buyers, beware!


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* Go to page
* Write Burnzay in company name section and write your complaint in detail
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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Burnzay.

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