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Dear Sir

I have seeking the jobs from jobs consultancy through CAREER STEP LTD, Delhi.
That consultancy say to me “Pay 25000 registration fees after you select of SKYPE online interview, So informed i will pay now 15000 only after i got the Appointment order then remaining amount of 10000 i will pay……. After i paying 15000, CAREER STEP LTD not given any job details in 6 month more, So i really upset for this consultancy process. So finally i decided for refund of money from CAREER STEP LTD, After follow up 3 months i got the refund of Cheque, now the both cheques are returned due to insufficient of money, I inform to CAREER STEP LTD consul person for this cheque bounce, he will not response and mobile numbers also switched off.

Please help me for getting my money revert back.
For your reference i attached CAREER STEP LTD documents and Returned Cheque.

With Regards
+91 9940555996

(Note : CAREER STEP LTD con. number – 09810070982 ; 09810079636)

CSL_1_23_9 CSL_2_23_9

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  1. I also facing this problem . Career step ltd also cheated with me and my 2 friends . Total amount of 1,45000 thousands rupees. Specially the fraud done by maneesh kumar.
    Me and my friends complain against maneesh kumar in nearest police station (Netaji subhash place police station). We have a complain copy of the case of fraud. Police will take action as soon as possible. Police searched this person address n tried to catch this person as soon as possible.

    Pleases if anyone have any other clue or any other information about this guy(M4. maneesh Kumar) then contact on this number 8285506199.