Caribbean Holidays International – Caribbean is a fake company

Reported By: Dipesh Merai

Contact information:
Caribbean Holidays International Delhi

We were invited in the Hotel TipTop at Wakad Pune and were given great sales pitch for this company and gave a lot of commitments and got into the trap set by the entire team. We took a package for 10years where we just had to pay ÀMC of Rs. 10000 every year. While our first booking request we sent 3 months in advance, they asked us to send the request one month in advance. When we reached out to them as requested, they mentioned they will provide the booking based on the hotel availability. They make us write emails and lots of calls too and fro. They give you details of the hotels with some or another charge and and ask you to pay for each hotel booking per night. They gave us the booking for one of the hotel which does not have an online presence and when we requested to give anothet hotel they mentioned there in no availability in any other hotel. Also they asked us to pay Rs. 6500 per night for this hotel. We were promised complimentary breakfast inclusive but they are charging us and asking us to pay for it at all hotels. They write incorrect information and ask for confirmation. They are trying to loot money from their customers and give service which is not as per the commitment.
Please don’t fall in the trap of this company. Alp good reviews are fake. I am going to claim for the refund with all necessary legal process which is again going to be stressful.


How to file a complaint against Caribbean Holidays International?

* Go to page
* Write Caribbean Holidays International in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Caribbean Holidays International.

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