CegonSoft Pvt LtD – Cheaters and Fraud Company

Cegonsoft Pvt Ltd is one of the worst company you can work with. They are fraudsters playing with people’s emotions. I was a employee of Cegonsoft worked for 3 months as a Placement Manager – HR & Consultancy. They used to Hire people every month and ask them to work for a month and then fire them saying the performance is not up to the mark. No proper trainer’s since no one was paid. One operations manager who himself is not sure of what he is doing( Mr. Kaushik Mukerjee) . One CEO who is mastered in bluffing and giving dates for salary which is never paid( Mr. Chandra) . One Accounts & Finance person who doesn’t know what for he is in the company( Mr Vinayak) . I was given salary cheque in the month of August dated for 20 October which was presented last week and it got bounced. When I ask the reason the company representative says he doesn’t have cash to pay and says if you want to file a case you can go ahead we will not care. So these fraudsters not only cheat employees but also cheat students on different occasions. Taking there money and later not providing the services. Above which a SEO is hired just to promote the company and put fake comments about the company proposing it to be the best institute. In my 9 years of experience this company was my biggest mistake. A worst company you can ever think about working or studying in.

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  1. Cegonsoft is made to educate people that how companies can cheat in different ways like Job oppertunities, placements & also on employee harrasments etc… this company is the best example.. People please beware of this company..