CegonSoft – English lae enaku pidikadha vartha CEGONSOFT

I am harini, M.Sc software Engineer.. I and my frnds did our final year project in cegonsoft… At starting they brush up students in such a way that it is an excellent place to do projects… I paid 12, 000 rs for my project.Their main intenstion is only money…That too sangeeth a white bitch, , she is not even a human being.. They dont consider us as a student.. I ask to staff, how to create textbox in asp.. He just typed in google and search for answer.. I was much irritated on the way they behave.. so, i complained to the head sangeetha bitch. On the very next day, they send me a mail that, they dropped me..Only 10days i went. They didn’t teach anything.I and my frnd have our bill and id card. I told, i will complain to consumer court.. She suddenly put a notification letter from her lawyer, , that I have to pay compensation for 1 lak. My frnd Preethi paid 6000, jesy 12, 000, shalini 6500, aravind 12, 000… This is a fraud company.. Reviews that they hang in their company entrance will be good.But plz plz dont plz… CHEATING COMPANY… All the badwords are deserving this company

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  1. Hi i have just completed my java course there in cegonsoft company and I found everything alright , as other people mentioning some negative points I’m not going to agree any of the point . because everyone here in that company is very much experienced and pretty kind to every students.