Cheated by Roozgaar


I have also got a call from Roozgaar executive and he told me that he gets me offer letter from Microsoft and asked me to come online. i asked him is there any charges for this services? he said no charges and it is free. but while continueing the process he asked me to pay the registration amount around 1000 rs , i paid that amount. then he asked me to pay many amount around 50,000 rs, since he said he would connect to Microsoft HR after the call, with no other way i paid all the amount. I even have given advacate notice to him, but he did not reply to that.

Now I am planning to file a consumer case against Roozgaar. I have the evidance for his cheating. if those who were cheated by Roozgaar, can contact me and give your evidance. lets all go together.

Note: if any TV news channels want to broadcast this news, i am ready to provide all the evidance of audio cd

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