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Reported By: Darlene Bone

Contact information:
ChicV UK Limited Rayleigh GB

Ordered clothing shown as: Just Fashion
On credit card shown as ChicV UK Limited Rayleigh GB
I ordered July 21, 2021. I should have known something was up when I received a communication stating my zip code and city name “did not match.”
I did receive my order but sizes are made small and I needed to return or exchange 4 items. (some for a gift and should be okay)…After a couple e mails/communication, it appears in addition to shipping charge REVEALED AS “OUR RETURN CENTER IS LOCATED IN GUANGZHOU, CHINA…..I am responsible for return shipping costs & “ANY OTHER RELATED RETURN CHARGES>>>INCLUDING POSSIBLE CUSTOM FEES.” We must respond every 7 days to each email or they will close the case. Also their item numbers as shown for items are not the return numbers from “CHINESE” item numbers? but a “sub-order number.

There was an offer that I keep the items and receive a 15% discount and have items “re-sized.” $ Rounded of return $57.00 15% $8.55–to make them bigger? with what? Then another offer was made for $25% –$14
At any rate, I will probably take the % and lose the $43 as 2 items are so XS for a L, that my arms will not even go into the sleeve!! Will call the Post office and see how much the postage will be! All sites need to post clearly that the items offered originate in CHINA not UK, US or any other country other than where will be returned….
ie: Caution: this item must be returned to China…..may require additional shipping and other fees as listed to be returned.


How to file a complaint against ChicV UK Limited Rayleigh GB?

* Go to page
* Write ChicV UK Limited Rayleigh GB in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from ChicV UK Limited Rayleigh GB.

9 thoughts on “ChicV UK Limited Rayleigh GB – Just Fashion”

    1. my email address — i never received a confornemation email under name zulucky. i have been trying to return a change in size sence the day i placed the order. i got no responce ever. i want to exchange the size

  1. I haven’t received my order yet but already on my credit card, they have charged me twice for my order. I hope everything fits as I looked at sizing charts for everything before I ordered.

  2. I was charged $77.31 and have NO IDEA WHAT FOR. I have no idea how to get my money back, other than change my bank card. The least they could do is send an email affirming an order.

    Patti Creek

  3. I too had trouble with ChicV and had to have my credit card replaced which will take probably 2 weeks. I had no idea that this company was in the England and now I see China. My Bank is working for me now, but in any case, I felt compelled to let folks know that this place is not a decent or respectable company. I am hoping to get my money back, but at this point, unsure.
    I would advise anyone to stay away from them.

  4. The items I received were not knitted tops as photographed. They were polyester tee shirts with photographed patterns of knitted stitching superimposed. I have never seen fraud on such a meticulously detailed scale. I cannot find any means of returning the items which are unwearable.

  5. The sleeves to a blouse hung below the hemline.The medium-size dress was an extra-small. Another dress was 12″ too long for me and I”m 5’5″. All the fabric was so thin you could see right through it. The necklace was so cheap it looked like something a child would get from a 25 cent gumball machine. When I tried to return everything I was told I had to ship it to China and pay customs. Others who did that warned it’s a fake address in China so I returned it to the sender and called my credit card company.

  6. Bruce Is anybody getting refunds? I paid 72.11 in Sept. 14 2021 and have not received anything, not even an email. Does filing a complaint work? Do they respond or am I just SOL??

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