click2employment – Refund not received

I have paid Rs19, 000 to this company related to my job services on sep 9th.I cancelled all the services I registered after one day.When I called them (person name was payal) regarding cancellation that I was assured that I will receive the refund within 21 days.But until now I have not yet received any refund or confirmation regarding cancellation from them.Please help me in this regard Thanks and Regards Raghuraman K A

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  1. Guys, Click 2 employment is a fraud job portal company, I am one of the victim I have already lost 2k I have been asked to pay 4k more services after checking reviews I realised they just gona take money from people. And importantly I have been seeing some reviews on similar kind of company called “Click 2”, I believe both this companies are the same… If some one know’s where we can register a complaint please let me know, as I have already lost my hard earned money & I want save others from loosing theirs

  2. These are the transaction that i did from 4/10/2013 to 10/14/2013. And i paid only 9600 from my debit sbi card. And Mr.Sunil has said that during refund process you need balance of more than Rs.9600. So I made the payemnt from sbi net banking which Mr.Sunil said this is only order id and nothing will be deducted in your account but it will deduct 15000 form my brother’s account and on 24/10/2013 he again call me and said i am anup calling from and i am looking forward to your refund process and he made my brother’s fake id and again deduct 12000 form my brother(Rahul Patki) account and said all payment will clear on same day but nothing is cleared till date and i loss my rs36,600.

      i DO NOT USE NET BANKING, but I know you must NOT provide your bank details to anyone,NOT even on pretext of refunding amount. Idealy,for refund, there is NO NEED for any balance amount to be there.I feel only ACCOUNT NO.& name of AC holder would have been enough for them to credit money thru. nett banking,cash or cheque deposit,etc.

      Immediately contact the bank for changing net banking password,etc. as it seems these people have got details,so are able to take out money without your or your brother’s approval.

      you must enter bank details ONLY ON BANK’S OWN WEBSITE.and NOT on anyother or click to appointment website

      If you cannot understand all this, better go for cheque deposit than net banking.

  3. Click2employment ek Bhikari Company he

    Ye log jo PAise LEte HE Inki Maa Kaa Saaki Naaaka

    YE Paise Inko Hospital Me Nikal Jayege

    Ye mera Sraap He Inke Bacche Lule Paida Hoge Inki Wife Raat Ko Marjayegi

    Inka Hal Aosa Hoga Ki Inko Koi Bhik Bhi Nahi Dega