CLUB INDIAA – Big time cheater

Be care full. They don’t have Proper website they will say we uploading photos we have tie-up with 2 lakh resorts across India. When executive come to your place he doesn’t have an ID card of Club Indiaa. Pls friends Don’t be a pray for them.

They Will promise you some Unexpected services which you can’t even imagine those services can be availed for a cheaper amount(here you will get attracted and you will be teased to buy the membership). If they promise you some special services please ask them to send it from their official Mail id describing it clearly or get it in written format from the clubindiaa letter pad with authorized seal and signature(Ask them to mention each and every thing that they promised you over the phone).

People who are calling are not directly from club indiaa they are from DSA but they will say they are directly from club indiaa. so they will give you a false promises to take the membership after taking it you will not be able to contact them.

They are a Big time cheater. If you have done the transaction through Credit/debit card please raise dispute with in 45 days from the transaction date stating that they have cheated you with false promises and they dint full fill the services that they Promised and follow the bank instructions.

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