Contentra Technologies – big time fraud company

I am x employee of Contentra Technologies a big time fraud company. I worked in this company for around one year but since they had kept my on hold for such a long time that I had to leave this company. Story didn’t end here, they never gave my experience letter also also my 6 months salary is still with them which is more than 2,50,000/-. The only reason they have is funds are delayed from client’s end. For me it was just 6 months there are many employees who didn’t got any salary since 8-9 months.
Contentra’s Management is full of fraud people and most of them are IIPM pass outs with fake Degrees.These people are associated with this company because their degrees are not valid any where. Secondly IIPM college belongs to the Owner of Contentra Technologies Fraud Arindam Chaudhary. They didn’t got this job because of their talent but as a compensation for fake degrees from IIPM. Below are the list of few fraud people in Contentra.
Vishal Salgothra – Real Idiot and no knowledge.
Amit Vohra – Good for nothing and high Desire for respect but actually don’t deserve it.
Pawan Singh Narang – A joker without common sense
Kamaljeet Singh – No etiquette and got his job my mistake or purposely management need someone with least IQ.
Saurabh Chatarjee – Fake personalty still confused what he is supposed to do.

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