Contentra Technologies -Fraud Company Misused Client’s Data

I an author and I run a small publishing house at home. A year ago I outsourced page layout design and conversion work to Contentra Technologies(earlier Planman Technologies). I shared an NDA with them and requested them to sign and returned the same to me. But they revert me saying that the signing authority is travelling overseas for some client meetings and asked me if they can go ahead the project. Since I don’t want to waste time so I asked them to proceed with page layout designing and conversion there after. Mean time they send me the invoice details and I processed the payment because that was the small project. The turnaround time for project was 6 days. On 5 day I spoke with the project coordinator to know the progress, he informed me that they were falling short of resources and put on the resources on another project. He told me that he will update on the final delivery by next day, but they never turned up and I have to call the them again. This time bluntly said they they can’t disturb their ongoing projects for my small projects and asked me to wait for same more days. Then I tried to reach them over the phone but they never responded and same over the mails. I fine called the board line number and to transfer to relevant and there I spoke with the executive and he narrated the whole story. The employees are not working as they did’t got the salary since last 5-6 months and those who are working on dedicated projects their salary are delayed by 3-4 months. He also told me that they have done the same with other small vendors and sine the since most of them are from overseas and the project vale was small so they stop following up after a period of time. But I was based out of India so I went to their office address, the security people didn’t allow to enter and told me that that the whom I want to meet had left the company.
So request everyone to be aware this fraud company. God know how much they have messed up with the data I shared with them. Also many vendors have blacklisted this company because they had never cleared their payment.

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