Country Holidays Inn & Suites – CHIS Membership is a SCAM, totally unresponsive and unprofessional organization

Reported By: rocco23

Contact information:
Country Holidays Inn & Suites

It appears that you guys are fraud. You guys promised us the best services when you sold the membership, but all we got were some fake mail addresses (there is no response on those mail addresses), some fake CHIS representatives, and a company that is just as inept at processes and customer service as the rest of CHIS.

I joined in January of this year and have only used the services once, for a trip lasting four nights. The process was extremely painful.

Once more, I submitted a request on April 25, 2023, but I have received no response from CHIS since then regarding my holiday planning. Their customer service phone numbers are fake; nobody answers them, and when they send a message, only an auto response is pre-programmed. absolutely no ownership from CHIS executives.
After 15 days, someone calls and promises to fix my problem, but nothing happens again. The number is turned off.

Additionally, they stated that the annual membership fee would be 8000, but it has since been revised to 15,000.

There is serious fraud going on in CHIS; they are stealing peoples’ hard-earned money by selling fake memberships. I ask that the consumer court look into this and return my money (which I initially paid in the amount of 97, 000 plus the ASF fee of 10,000). Being a working professional and sick of chasing these people, I don’t want to keep up this membership.


How to file a complaint against Country Holidays Inn & Suites?

* Go to page
* Write Country Holidays Inn & Suites in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Country Holidays Inn & Suites.

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