Country Holidays Inn & Suites – false commitment, cancellation of membership and refund of money

Reported By: Vinay Jinie

Contact information:
Country Holidays Inn & Suites

I am also the Victim in Deal “CHISBOLAKP1006459”.

The deal was 180000 for 10 years and 90 days with nil Annual maintenance charges

At the time of the deal we have discussed that I cannot give more than 5000 per month and will start from June 2022, that time Kyum and Abdul (sales Person) said that EMI will start from may 2022 we will request your Credit Card merchants to make 3 years EMI but they have not done anything and make 1 Year EMI of SBI and didn’t request to AMEX, when I had made a call that time Abdul said, you request to AMEX and make the the EMI of 3 years and we whatever the charges will be apply we will return to you and I have done the same, now EMI charges are 36000 Extra they have made a payment of 8000 through GPAY after my 100+ calls and guaranteed you will get 2000 per month to nil the amount of 36000 (Extra amount of EMI) from us and now they are again not picking the phone.

But I received the EMI charges in the April statement and now they are saying that you need to pay 8000 Rs. maintenance. Because management is denying that where was the management at the time of the deal ? At that time Kyum was discussing and Abdul was the Approver, finally, I had borrowed the amount from my friend and made the payment using Credit Cards.

At the time of the verification call, Kyum said many times please speak for 170000 rest I will do here, but nothing has been done.

I said you can refund my money if you are not able to do anything, then they said money is non-refundable and you will have to pay. and Abdul said that 70000 will get a refund and the same will be started after 2 years, and now they are saying that you can complain anywhere we can not do anything.

Now nobody picks my call and the Customer Care team is saying we can’t help because we have not promised through any mail ID, please tell me who sends the mail at the time of the deal ? I have provided the Evidence of the chat of WhatsApp and call recordings but they are not considering that.

I am requesting please refund my money as It’s a hard earned money and if you will not return it you will also lose your money in future or make a deal as we had finalised. better you return my money as I am reading the complaints I thought I will also face the same type of issues.

Can somebody tell me what should I do ? I am not able to eat, sleep and work properly, not even able to study. My exam is also scheduled in July 2022.


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