Country Vacations – Experience – The Worst Experience In My Life

Country Vacations Experience – The Worst Experience In My Life

Guys! Please share this and make everyone aware of Country Vacations organization.

This is the first time I have ever written this long article of more than 5500 words. You can understand how frustrated I am with this country vacations organization.

To Country Vacations Management: (Not)Dear Country Vacations Management, remember this. With out members, you are not there.

To the General Manager or Any Other Higher Management: If you are at a level of GM or higher than that in Country Vacations and if you ever come to see this post, contact me. I don’t want to talk to the management below you like your line managers or others or your customer care as they are the waste people in your organization. I would like to tell you what’s happening in your organization as people are being cheated with a lot of false promises. You may not be knowing this as you won’t be normally come to these offices or the issues normally won’t be brought to your attention or the members normally don’t have access to you guys and they will have access to only the customer care with in the local office or Hyderabad customer care or central customer care which are the worst customer care centers I have ever seen in my life.

So if you are in a General Manager Position or higher than that and if you ever get a chance to look at this, contact me. Don’t ask your support team or any others below you guys as I have already gone through all of these guys multiple number of times with out any use.

If you think that you are in a very big position in Country Vacations and why you should talk to me, it is up to you. Because I am sure that with these problems in your organization, your company won’t sustain much longer.

just to give you an example, I have called your staff in Country Vacations office for more than 100 times and I literally went to this office for more than 30 times to get my issue resolved. Luckily my issue was solved after 8 months. (Even though it took 8 months, I am still feeling that I am lucky as at least now, I got my money back)

To Whomever Reading This Story: I strongly suggest you not to go with this company. This is the worst organization, I have ever dealt with, in my life.

If you would like to know my story, continue reading.

How Country Vacations collect your information:

I don’t think I need to explain you how you get calls from country vacations as most of you should have already known about this. These people put a drop box in big malls like Big Bazaar, Brand Factory etc., and put a message like “Free Gifts” or “Gifts” and they don’t have any board or anything that displays that they are from Country Vacations. They have small cards which ask your information and you will be tempted to fill this information as you think that the free gifts are given by the mall as you are purchasing something from them. The following are the small forms which normally country vacations use to collect your information.

Country Vacations Forms

They even don’t display their name on the front of the forms. They display it with small letters on the back.You can see the highlighted areas in the image. They also say that it’s a lucky draw but everyone who fills these, gets calls from them.

I asked these guys at Brand Factory Kukatpally (Hyderabad), when I saw them collecting people’s information, why they don’t have anything that displays that they are from Country Vacations. They said, they had a flex but it was broken and they would arrange one soon. But any where I see these people, I never found a flex or anything that displays that they are from country vacations.

One time I found them at the entrance of Reliance Trends (Road No. 1, K.P.H.B, Hyderabad), collecting people’s information. I called the manager of Reliance Trends and asked him why these guys (from Country Vacations) don’t have anything that displays that they are from country vacations as people might think the gifts are from that Reliance Trends shop. He agreed that people might think so. I asked him not to entertain these Country Vacations people, as it is a big fraud organization intended to collect money from people. He said he would talk to his management about this but I don’t know what happened later as I haven’t visited this shop later.

What Country Vacations Do Once They Collect Your Information:

Once they collect the phone numbers, they call everyone and ask to visit their office to collect the gifts. If you go, they will take you into a big room, and start explaining you about their country vacations program. They will tell you about the exotic vacations you can have in their resorts and many other benefits you can have with their program. They will tell many different programs based on the price.

What Will They Offer and What’s the Catch?

I don’t remember exactly what they told me when I visited their office but the following are some of them.

First Option:

One of the options is by paying around 100000 (1 lack), or more than that, you will spend your vacation for 6 days and nights in their resorts and they also promise you to give you a land of 100 yards in/near Hyderabad. They also mention that you will get a life time membership for country club. They add many benefits to it.

What’s the catch here?

  • The land mentioned won’t be in agreement that you will be given once you make the payment.
  • I heard from many people that the land won’t be in/near at the place mentioned but will be very far from Hyderabad where you can get it for a cheap price.
  • Moreover you have to pay for registration (which will be around Rs. 50000) which they don’t mention it during the conversation.
  • You also need to pay an annual fee for the membership (which will be more than Rs. 5000) which they don’t mention it during the conversation but you will see it in the agreement which will be issued once you pay the money.

Second Option:

Second option would be by paying around 70000 or 80000 they mention the above all benefits except the land. But they promise you to give 10 gms gold coin.

What’s the catch here?

  • This won’t be in agreement so there is no guarantee that you will get the gold coin. I heard from many people and read many stories in internet that they didn’t receive the gold coin.
  • Again you will have to pay annual fee for the membership which won’t be mentioned during your conversation.

Third Option:

If you don’t agree for the above things, they will come up with a last one saying by paying 35000 you will get the following. I paid for this one so I know what they have promised me exactly.

  • You will get 6 days and 6 nights vacations in their resorts if you reserve it before 45 days for 30 years.
  • you will get 2 days and 3 nights vacations in their resorts if you reserve it with in 45 days for 30 years.
  • you will get life time country club membership and all your family members get the membership cards.
  • You will get 30 free spa vouchers per year and every year which you can use in the nearby spa center.
  • You will get life time membership into a gym (in my case they said one is under construction in K.P.H.B) which I can use for free for my life time.
  • I was also promised that if I don’t use the vacations in any year, I can rent/sell those to others and these people will do that for me.

What’s the catch here?

  • You will never get 6 days and 6 nights vacations and it will be only 2 days and 3 nights even if you reserve before 45 days. Because in the agreement, it will be mentioned as 2 days and 3 nights only.
  • The vacations will be only for 3 years and not for 30 years.
  • All your family members won’t get the membership cards but only one card will be issued on your name.
  • You will get 30 free spa vouchers but every time you visit any spa center, you have to pay Rs. 350 which won’t be not mentioned during the conversation.
  • Regarding gym, there is no gym going to be constructed in K.P.H.B.
  • Moreover, you have to pay annual membership fee of Rs. 3000 which won’t be not mentioned during the conversation.
  • Renting your vacations or selling your vacations to others is very difficult and it is mentioned in the agreement that it would be totally of your responsibility and Country Vacations won’t help you in that.

I went for the above and after paying the money, I received the agreement. It was almost 10PM and we were there for 4 hours. So I didn’t read the document properly and came home. Next day when I checked it I was surprised. The guys mentioned that it is for 30 years but in the agreement it is mentioned for only 3 years. Again it is mentioned that I have to pay Rs. 3000 per year again which they haven’t mentioned when I visited their office. All the other benefits are not mentioned in the agreement.

Finally I came to know from a lot other people that, they make a lot of false promises to get money from people and I have already experienced it. (But luckily I called the guy next day and I discussed with him everything that he promised and recorded it.)

So if you want to go for country vacations membership make sure you ask them for the agreement papers before you pay any money and make sure that whatever they are promising is in the agreement. Until then don’t pay any money otherwise you will be in big trouble.

My Story:

I paid Rs. 35000 towards yearly vacations, country club membership and many other things that the staff promised me in country vacations office at Road No. 1, K.P.H.B. I paid it on Feb. 8th, 2014.

Mr. Venu is the guy who spoke to us on that day.

Mr. Anil Babu is the guy to whom I paid the money. (I think his name is Anil Chowdary but he signed the bond papers as Anil Babu).

Venu from Country Vacations Office in Road No. 1, K.P.H.B

They promised me that I would get the membership cards and all other things that they promised in one month. I waited for one month and I called Mr. Venu, the guy who spoke to us on that day and inquired with him about the cards. He said he would find out the reasons and call me back. He never called me back so when I called him back, he said his boss went to Dubai, from whom he has to get signature. He said it would take another 15 days for his boss to return. So I waited for more than 15 days and I called him back. He again said that he would call me back with the findings. Be he didn’t call me back. So when I called him back he said it would take another 1 week. But I still didn’t get the cards or I didn’t even receive any information at all from him. Like this I called this guy many times. Slowly he tried to avoid me by not lifting my calls. Even I text him, he did not respond. The following are the screenshots of the text messages I sent him. But I didn’t get any reply from him. I called this guy many times but most of the times he just ignored me.

Message to Venu 1 Message to Venu 2

So finally I went to their office one day, which is located in Road no.1, KPHB where I paid the money. I told the staff that I would like to talk to Mr. Venu as he knows the whole issue and I can’t explain to others everything of what has happened so far. But a new guy, Mr. Sravan, met me. He said that Mr. Venu is very busy and he assured that he could solve my problem. I explained him everything of what has happened and I showed him the bond papers. He went to speak to someone and came back after some time and said that the names/membership numbers were printed wrongly on the membership cards so they went back for correction. He said I would get the cards in one week definitely and if I don’t get, he asked me to give a call to some number. But I didn’t get the cards. When I called the number that Sravan gave me, nobody picked up the calls.

Anil from Country Vacations Office in K.P.H.B

So I went to the office again. The guy Sravan didn’t remember me at all. He was entirely behaving like it is the first time he is listening to my problem. I told him that I don’t want to explain the whole story of what has happened again and I would like to meet Mr. Venu who knows the problem exactly. But these guys were again saying that Venu was busy. (I don’t know what kind of support these guys are giving to their customers. This guy, Venu or other managers are always busy. They don’t show any interest in the customers who already paid money. They are interested only in the people who are going to pay money.) I waited for Venu there but I saw Mr. Anil coming out of the big room, and I recognized him and called him. I again started explaining him the whole problem starting from beginning “Ok. I paid Rs. 35000…..” etc, etc. This guy was acting like he was really busy and he said “See! I am really busy actually. You don’t know what situation I am in right now. Actually I am going out now to meet Mr. Chandrababu garu. I just stopped because of your problem.” Why the hell I care whom he is going to meet? I have been going

Letter given by Anil

through the country vacations staff for a long time. They have to take care of my problem. But he promised me that I would get the cards by 15th of May. He even wrote it down on the company letter head, signed it and stamped it and gave it to me. The following is the screenshot. He even gave me his number to call him if I have any issues with that.

But I didn’t receive any cards. I called Mr. Anil, he picked up the call and he said he would find the problem and call me back. But he never called me back and he never picked up my calls again. I tried many number of times but this guy ignored me. Even I sent him text message also but I never got a call back. The following is the screenshot of the text message.

So I again went to the office. This time a new manager Ravi met me. Again I explained him my problem even though I am fed up with showing the same movie (my story) again and again to the staff members. This guy called the staff and scolded before me and asked me why I haven’t received the cards even after a letter was written by Mr. Anil. He told me that it’s completely their staff’s mistake and he would take action on them. (I think he told that just for my satisfaction as later when I called him, he didn’t even remember me). He assured me that he would get the cards in just two days to the office so that I could collect them there. I asked him for a specific date, when I could collect them in the office and he said that I could collect them on 21st May. He gave his number in case of any issues. But I waited until 24th May and called this manager, Ravi, now and asked him about the cards. He didn’t even remember me. He was asking me to show the movie again. I told him that I don’t have patience to explain the whole problem again so I asked him to call his staff and tell my name and ask them what the problem is. He called his staff and came to know what the

Message to Anil

problem is. He was again saying that he would find what the problem is. So I asked him “So you mean to say you haven’t got the cards to your office which you promised me by 21st”. I am really pissed off this time as I have been roaming around country vacations office many times and I told him that “you guys should be ashamed of yourselves for making me going through your staff multiple number of times and not resolving my problem.” Then this guy, Ravi, told me “I will find out the problem and call you back in an hour. Then DO WHATEVER YOU WANT”. I am really pissed off his answer. Of course, as expected, I didn’t get any call from him again. So I called him again after two hours. First he didn’t pick up the call but later he picked it up and said that he was working on it. After sometime someone else from the office called me and said that I would receive the cards in a week. When I asked him why Mr. Ravi didn’t call me with that answer and that guy didn’t have any answer. But I haven’t received the cards.

On one day I went to their office and told Ravi that I need my money back now. He said it is not possible. I told him that I would sit there and tell everyone who is coming to country vacations about my problem and what country vacation’s guys are doing. He told me that “SIT WHATEVER TIME YOU WANT TO SIT HERE AND TELL WHOMEVER YOU WANT TO“. These guys are so dared to say these kind of words to their customers.

The above are only a few instances I mentioned but there were a lot of times I went to their office.

So I tried to go in a different route now. I found the customer care number from the booklet I was given and called that number. I spoke to a guy called Mr. Rafi from central customer care and he asked me to send a copy of the papers, I was given. I scanned them and sent them to the mail id “” on 24/05/2014. I got a call from a guy, Mr. Ram on 26/05/2014 and he asked me about the problem. I explained him everything and on 27/05/2014 when I called him back he said that they didn’t receive my file at all to their office from country vacations office in Kukatpally so they can’t do anything. I was not sure what I had to do now as the staff at Road No. 1, KPHB office were not telling me truth and Himayat Nagar branch office people can’t do anything as they haven’t received my file. I don’t understand how could these people lie to me for more than four months that their boss went to Dubai or the names on the card were printed wrongly etc when the file itself was not sent to the Himayat Nagar branch. I was really fed up with the service and with the KPHB staff lies and the way they were treating me. Next time when someone approaches me for a suggestion about country vacations, I will say a big


But I went to the road no. 1 branch again and I told them that I spoke to the Himayat Nagar branch guys and asked them why the file was not sent to the Himayat Nagar brnach. They were not happy to hear that I spoke to Himayat Nagar guys. Mr. Ravi said that the guy whom I spoke to in Himayat Nagar branch was a “bachcha” and does not know anything and mentioned that they already sent the file but Ram didn’t know about that.

So I called Mr. Ram again, from Himayat Nagar branch office, and told him about what Ravi mentioned. But Ram confirmed that they haven’t received the file at all and when he tried to speak the K.P.H.B office people they were just dropping off the call saying they would deal it with the member. Ram asked me to go to the K.P.H.B office and sit there until the file is sent. I didn’t understand this. It should be completely handled by them instead they were asking me to take care of the problem myself. So I asked him to send an email back saying that they didn’t receive the file. But I never received it. I sent an email to the central customer care around 5 times but I never received an answer back.

I don’t know why the hell is this central customer care. They never cared about my problem and I heard the same thing from many people.

Even after this I went to the office multiple number of times but of no use.

Approached ABN channel:

In the mean while, I approached one of my friend’s friend and explained him the problem. He is in a big position and he asked me what kind of help I need whether Police or Lawyer or Media. I told him that I would like to go to media. He said he had some contacts in TV9 so that he would contact them. But one of the friends of my wife is working in ABN channel so we approached her. The first question she asked was why we paid money to country vacations as it is a very fraud company and many people were deceived by that company. She even mentioned that almost all the channels know about that but no one were ready to come up and speak out on TV so no programs were made against that. I told her that I was ready to come up and speak about the problem. She said she would ask her team to start a program on it. I got a call from her after two days that the program was being made and I would be contacted by their journalists for my interview. I said, I was okay with that. The program was like having a discussion about Country Vacations and allowing different people to call to some particular number so that people call that number and speak out.

Unfortunately, after two days both TV9 and ABN were banned in Telangana state.

Tried To Go To Consumer Court:

I have never gone to court so far but I thought this would be the first time and tried to find the procedure for filing a case in consumer court. I searched for the procedure but I couldn’t find it. In some of the sites, it was mentioned that it would take at least 6 months to get the money back through consumer court so I didn’t go to it.

Continued My Trails:

I continued going to the office whenever I get time and one day Mr. Ravi offered me to transfer my membership to another person. I didn’t understand one thing here. My membership was not created at all and I didn’t understand how Ravi was offering me to transfer my membership. But I didn’t accept for this as another innocent guy will be booked.

I was still seeing my people going to their office and one day I told one family who came to their office about my problem and asked them not to pay any money to those guys. One of the guys working over there, saw this and told Ravi. So finally Ravi offered me to cancel my membership. I didn’t understand this as well as my membership was not created at all but I accepted for this.

So that time, an accountant working over there met me and asked me for the receipt of the payment. I was not given any receipt when I paid money (but I have bond papers which I showed him). He tried to find out the details but he couldn’t find out the details. He was really surprised by this and asked me my bank credit card statement to find out the details. I brought the credit card statement of February and he noted down the details.

The thing is that I paid Rs. 15000 through credit card and another Rs. 20000 by cash. When I told him the same thing, he was surprised again and said that these guys Ravi and others never mentioned about the Rs. 20000 but only mentioned about the Rs. 15000. He went to the main branch found that the Rs. 15000 was there in the company’s account as I paid them through credit card but he couldn’t find the Rs. 20000 and he didn’t know what happened to them. But I understood from my side that it was taken by the staff in K.P.H.B office, as I paid by cash. So the accountant took the issue to the GM over there.

I constantly followed up with the accountant but the problem was the GM normally won’t be in India much time. Most of the days he would be abroad. I was informed that the GM called the line manger, Vivek, of this K.P.H.B branch and asked him to check out the problem but these guys really don’t bother about that as the GM would be mostly abroad. I constantly followed up with the accountant and finally I got the line manager’s number somehow and called him directly and told him about myself. He remembered me and asked me to come to the office one day. I went to the office and I saw this guy Vivek. I spoke to this guy, and he was saying that he can’t return all the money at once. He asked me to collect Rs. 15000 in the next two days and the Rs. 20000 after some days. He was not bothering at all that it’s almost 8 months since I paid the money to them. I asked him that I want my whole money back as a single amount as I don’t want to come to their office again and again for the remaining amount. This guy, Vivek, was kind of rude and directly told on my face that I wouldn’t get it like that. I asked him why I don’t get it as a whole as I paid it one time, but this guy didn’t have any answer. He was rude and told on my face that “No! You won’t get it like that”.

I was really pissed of with his answer and I started shouting loudly in the office. I was shouting and started thinking of what I had to do. Go to the main branch and speak there or go to police station to see if there are any ways to file a cheating case against these guys or go to a lawyer to file a case against country vacations or go to consumer consumer court. I was still shouting on these guys and Anil started requesting me. They agreed for giving Rs. 15000 immediately and they told that they would give the remaining amount on 10th Oct and they said that they would write a letter stating the same. I agreed for that as at least it is settling down somehow and took Rs. 15000 and they have written a letter stating that they would give the remaining amount on 10th or 15th of October (another time I got pissed off as these guys mentioned me that they would pay the remaining amount on 10th but in the letter they stated that 10th or 15th). The line manager, Vivek, told me that it won’t take until 10th, he would give me the remaining amount even before that and with in 2 or 3 days.

I didn’t get any call from these guys until 10th of October so I called Vivek on 11th of October. First time he didn’t lift the call but next time he lifted it and said he would call me back on 13th(Monday) morning at 11AM and tell me at what time I should come to their office to collect the remaining amount. As expected, I didn’t get any call from him on 13th at 11 AM. So I called him at 12 PM but he didn’t lift the call. I called again in the afternoon and in the evening but he didn’t lift the call. I got frustrated and pissed of with this kind of behavior from Vivek so I started from my workplace, went to their office again at around 7:30 PM but I was informed that Vivek left the office just then. I was really pissed off so I told myself to call this guy until he lifts my call and answers it so I started calling him even if he was hanging off my call. But after I tried 4 or 5 times, I think he understood that I won’t leave him so he sent a message that “I will call you back”.

Later Mr. Anil called me told me that, I could collect the remaining amount on 16th. I asked him that the timeline is 10th or 15th and not 16th. He requested me saying it’s only one day.

So I went to their office again on 16th of October. They made me wait for more than an hour this guy Vivek came and he put Rs. 15000 in my hand. I asked him for the other Rs. 5000, he said “wait, wait, I will bring it”. After that, Ravi came and he started requesting me saying that the remaining Rs. 5000 will be paid later. I got pissed off again and told him that I don’t want to come to their office again and again for the remaining Rs. 5000. He said, he would definitely give the remaining Rs. 5000 on 20th. I was okay because I got Rs. 30000 out of Rs. 35000 and also I didn’t brought the bond papers which I have to give them back once I receive full amount.

So again, I went to their office on 20th October and they collected the bond papers and put a cheque of Rs. 5000 in my hand. Again this cheque is not from Country Vacations but it was signed by the guy Venu. I didn’t want to take the cheque as I heard cases of cancelling the cheques before they were deposited in the bank. But the guy Ravi assured me that, those kind of things won’t happen.

I still need to deposit the cheque and see what happens. I can’t really believe these guys as my experience with these guys tells me that whatever these guys tell is always a lie.

See guys. I paid them on Feb. 8th and I got the last amount back (Of course I still need to deposit the cheque in bank) on 20th October. It took more than 8 months. In my case, luckily I got my money back but in your case, if you face a problem, you may not get your money back as you may not have patience or time to go their office so many times I went (of course my house is close to their office).

So, I strongly recommend anyone not to go with Country Vacations.

If you still want to go with Country Vacations even after reading my story, here are some of the things I ask you to take care of, before paying money to Country Vacations.

  1. Don’t pay money by cash. Always try to pay by card or cheque. Otherwise there is a big chance that your money will be misused.
  2. Make sure you ask for the agreement papers (bond papers that they give after you pay them money) before you pay them and check for everything that they mentioned is in the agreement. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that you will get everything that you are promised.
  3. Once you make the payment, make sure you get the receipt.
  4. Once you make the payment, make sure you get the membership number. Because your details should be entered in their system immediately and you should get the membership number immediately. If they don’t give your membership number immediately, that means your details are not entered in the system and there is a big probability that you will get cheated.

The following are some of the links where you can find complaints against Country Vacations.


One last thing: When I went to Country vacations last time to collect the last payment, I saw one guy (This is on 21st. Oct 2014) shouting strongly at Ravi there. He was saying “I gave you not one day but 10 days. But there is no answer from you guys. Where is the proof”. After I collected the cheque, I stayed before Country Vacations office on Road. No. 1, K.P.H.B to see if this guy comes out but he didn’t. If you are the same guy reading this post, please contact me using the Contact Us on form and may be I can suggest you something on your problem with these guys.

Latest update: The last payment which Ravi gave me as a cheque, was bounced. I got a message from my bank and that the cheque is dishonored. So I had to go to their office again and shout a lot to get my money. Finally I got the remaining Rs. 5000 also. It’s more than 8 months to get all my money back.

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