Dish TV – CV No is 01519315504 – Cheating customer by recharge

Dishtv is advertising recharge for Rs600, 1000 & 2000/- is getting voucher from jabong online shopping for Rs 600, 1000 & 2000/-. I recharge for Rs 2000/- on dishtv and get voucher for Rs 2000/-. Once I applied in jabong online shopping, they asked to purchase Rs 8000/- you will get 2000/- discount of the above voucher. However, jabong online is issuing 40% discount on all items on line shopping for everyone. It means I got voucher for Rs 2000/- is cheating. Once I asked Dishtv officials for the above matter. They replied that this is jabong online terms and conditions. It means Dishtv is cheating its custiomers in the name of Jabong. Once, I request Dishtv to change my subscription plan to one year, and I dont want discount voucher and difference amount paid by me. They replied that it is not possible. Therefore, Dishtv is getting some favour from Jabong on line shoppping. This type of cheating has done by DIshtv from its custormer,. My Mobile No is 9159937597 and my CV No is 01519315504. Please instruct Dishtv and save from its custormers from cheating. I am awaiting a good response from yourside.

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  1. My connection number is 01515175338 & dish tv is making fraud calls. They are deducting days followed by change packs. I am feeling cheated by dish tv services.My contact number is 9417056420 if someone is having someone wants to discuss further.

  2. sanjaya kumar sahu

    Cheating by Homeshop18, I had purchased an iBall slide 72362G tablet from homeshop18 on dated 22.7.2014 which was defective one and complained to homeshop18 about the matter , as per their advice I returned that one to them by first flit to home shop 18 and request to replace to sent another tablet and in this connection I also uploaded POD ,But till dated does not replace of the product or refund of my money.

  3. is a biggest cheater.
    I purchased non discounted products of Rs 1800 to redeem the discount voucher of Dish Tv Rs 600..
    They send me product of Rs 1000 . and cancelled the rest of the order with a sorry voucher…
    “Bastards” sorry voucher will give me discount of 10 % on next shopping on non discounted products…
    And the to redeem that discount I have to again shop Goods worth Rs 1700..
    Lol they trapped me.
    And their CC exe told me that I can send the order back to them… hahahhaha ..
    Idiots why don’t you buy guns and robb banks instead of doing this online scams of Rs 500 and 1000…
    Ban they are cheating peoples..

  4. I have recharge my Dish TV on 24.07.2014 & I’ve got message to registered mobile that I have got voucher worth Rs.600/- on to shop on I don’t know how to use this shopping voucher plz guide me.

    vc no 01518927471 mob no 9811406260

    1. Radha ji,
      Forget the Idea of shopping with . They cheat people. I have been warned by few but I went for shopping in oreder to try this website.. This was my mistake, I have lost money and there is no feedback from CC executive, They will trap you to buy more and more from them and then yu will regret.. I swear..
      Take care, You have got Dishtv recharge done.. If you want to shop Go for the best experience I had with them .. Forget jabong.


    I have recharge my Dish TV on 21.07.2014 & I’ve got message to registered mobile that I have got voucher worth Rs.600/- on to shop on I don’t know how to use this shopping voucher plz guide me.

  6. this dish tv company totaly missguide the costumers to make money in front of other mpeg4 technology d2h services company, so dont look for money just change ur set up box to videocon dh d2h its highly convenient satelite service for all regular costumers

  7. Dear Suresh Kumar,

    Thanks for voicing your concern. Please be assured that we working on your problem and we will get in touch with you at the earliest. For any further clarifications, please write to us at [email protected].

    Online Team
    Dish TV