EFY Group – Magazine not getting delivered

EFY Group was offering some 50% discount to trap customers. I mistakenly paid for 5 year subscription, but never received any magazine. Every month they told me this is shipped without any tracking code, so please wait it will be delivered and asked me to pay 10Rs extra per month for courier service, and they told the courier will deliver before 5th of every month, if you pay extra. After frustration of many months of not receiving magazine, I paid the additional amount to convert my subscription to use courier service instead of normal post. I paid hundreds of rupee more.
But to my utter surprise, I never received any magazine on time, and every month I had to file complaints, and they give me some fictitious tracking number of FirstFlight, with whom EFY has nexus. FirstFlight just mark that tracking number as delivered, without any delivery.
For last 1 year I am asking for POD copy, and instead of giving me POD copy, they just tell that we have shipped another magazine, and from next month we will use some other courier service for your area. But this problem has no end, and EFY is deliberately sending me 1 month old remaining copies, after taking extra payment for courier service.
EFY group has devised this novel scheme of cheating customer in association with FirstFlight Courier. How can they ignore costumer complaint for years, and how come they have failed to provide a single POD copy in the last 2 years.
Did I paid to buy old stocks of EFY, that I can buy from kabadi wala also.
Please beware of EFY groups amazing rates, this is a fraud company, that does not bother about customers. They will not reply also when asked for POD, they will just offer old copies of EFY if remaining.

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