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Caters News Agency – Daniel Bird covers up sexual harrassment.

Caters News Agency Reviews & Complaints Reported By: ExposingSexualPredators Contact information: Caters News Agency Caters News Agency employee Daniel Bird has desperately tried to cover up sexual harassment committed by his racist co-worker Rebecca Husselbee (also known as Becca Husselbee). Depraved racist Rebecca Husselbee has a bestiality fetish and sexually harrasses Muslims. Rebecca Husselbee’s father More

Daily Express – Jonathan Russell Trinity Mirror allows racism.

Daily Express Reviews & Complaints Reported By: AgainstHateAndRacism Contact information: Daily Express Jonathan Russell who is employed by Trinity Mirror has tried to cover-up racist bigot Daily Express employee Becca Husselbee who sexually harrasses Muslim women online. Depraved racist Becca Husselbee has a bestiality fetish judging from her social media posts. Husselbee is also a More

Caters News Agency – Caters News Agency and MSN employee Becca Husselbee is a racist.

Caters News Agency Reviews & Complaints Reported By: ProtectingVictimsOfRacism Contact information: Caters News Agency Becca Husselbee a racist employee at Caters News Agency and MSN sexually harrasses Muslim women online. Racist Becca Husselbee seems to have a bestiality fetish and her racism towards Muslims is disgusting. Being a racist coward, Husselbee has tried to More

amazon – the product i have receivedm today a box, i open it but the item is not inside the box which mentioned in the box

amazon Reviews & Complaints Reported By: krishnaswamy Contact information: amazon the Items is not there which is mentioned in the box, the order Id: 1007709, Tracking id: PCR4074791, ORDER DATE: 21-9-2017, the amount is Rs.1000.00, i opened the box but there is only one scandisk 32gb normal old memory card only, but there is no More

Hypermarketkart – Fraudulent grocery site

Hypermarketkart Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Anantha Padmanaban R Contact information: Hypermarketkart Recently, there was an advertisement on times of India claiming to give 50%off on all grocery items from hypermarket kart app seeing this ad i have placed order#100001323 on Sep 4th. now these people are neither delivering the products nor initiating the refund. More – Duped by Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Sanjay Rao Contact information: There was a full page advertisement carried out by this company regarding 50% discount on leading brands basis which I had ordered through this website on 17/9/2017 – they have not delivered the products nor is any refund processed. The order number was 100001691. More

Hypermarketkart – Hypermartkart ad.published in TOI Ahmedabad dtd 10/9/2017

Hypermarketkart Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Contact information: Hypermarketkart As per Ad of hypermarketkart, the TOI& Navgujarat-A’bad on 10/9/17, I ordered groceries thru App with code n paid Rs.2513.50(order.No.100002830). But haven’t recd. pay.confirm; which created doubt so read Co.App’s users review & found that in diff.cities, persons not recd. either ordered items/refund fr hypermarketkart More

Amazon India – Redmi 4

Amazon India Reviews & Complaints Reported By: chandan Contact information: Amazon India i ordered redmi 4 on 13th june 2017 , product arrived on 20th and the delivery is not been made , daily the delivery is attempted but no one contacts me neither the delivery man nor the company . I have even More

Your customer – Worng question

Your customer Reviews & Complaints Reported By: ajeet kumar Contact information: Your customer googl Mind game – 68 ,प्रश्न संख्या – 2 , इसमे 24कहीँ नही है अगर 24होगा तो कुल योग 198 ही होगा आपने उत्तर मे 24 दिया है .यूँ तो प्रश्न बालकों के लिये है लेकिन हल बड़े को भी करना पड़ता More

times of india distributer – taking extra money per news paper,he is taking 5 rupee per newspaper instead of 3

times of india distributer Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Pulkit Gaur Contact information: times of india distributer Nimbahera Respected sir/maam , One of our city distributer of newspaper TIMES OF INDIA is selling his news paper of 5 rupee each instead the selling price printed on the news paper is 3 rupee each. Infact he More

TacDeal – Fake Products—20000mah power bank and 128GB SD card are fake/damaged

TacDeal Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Abbas Kapadia Contact information: TacDeal Dear Sir, The massive fraud that is being perpetrated in the name of MI & Tacdeal. We had ordered this 20000mh MI power bank. (invoice & damaged piece attached.). Since then all communication with them as does not exist. All mails sent More