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Reported By: Sowmya Dinesh

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Element data solutions

I have applied for online data entry job in onlinejobs.net.in and have paid the fee of Rs.399 They have asked to pay this amount while registration & this would be refunded after my first login.But I have not yet received my login details and its totally fake.So i am in need of refund of that money as soon as possible.

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  1. I have similar experience. But I have decided to go after these rascals. I have gathered their complete bank detail and branch address along with its phone number. If you noticed on their web site, there is no address or numbers. If you would please join me along with the others who got cheated like this, we all to gather can literally nail this fake company and ask for compensation for the damages. I am inviting all the victims to get to gather and we will start with approaching their bank first, from where we can get this fraud’s address and lodge a criminal complaint.
    Just think, if he finds just 100 people like you and me, how much he must have made and to what extent he must have cheated so many people ?

    1. Elements Data Solutions

      @ samira shaikh: This is an official reply from “Elements Data Solutions”.
      Don’t try to make a fake claim against us, could you share your registered username and the issue faced by you?. You haven’t explained the issue faced by you, just you are trying portray us as fake with any reason. We have already mentioned our bank details on our website, you don’t have to go anywhere to collect them as you have written. We are not hiding anywhere, this is our Registered address “No.21, Padasalai Street, Cholampedu main road, cholampedu, Chennai 600062, you could visit our office during working hours.

      We do not find any user in the name of samira sheikh, First try to explain the issue faced by you in detail and prove that you are not fake.

      1. I paid rupees 390 yesterday night to the number 8925654863 which was provided in the payment options but till now there is no mail regarding login id and password.i have sent screenshot of payment to payment@onlinedataentryjobs.com nearly 3-4times.i even complained my issue through helpdesk but still there is no reply at all.I even trying to call the number given for paytm payment but it is switched offf…. can i know the reason plz

    2. Well i would like to share with you all my experience with this fraud portal named ONLINEDATAENTRYJOB.COM . I was reluctantly looking for a data entry work site on internet when i came to know about this portal offering a online copy and paste job on their platform in exchange of Rs. 390 as registration and server maintenance charges which could be paid through various platform ….and the screenshot to be sent via email at payment@onlinedataentryjob.com for payment confirmation. But still i have’nt received my login credential yet, I mailed them a couple of times but all in vain. So I did some investigation and found that the Bank Account No. and the IFSC code that they have mentioned in their payment portal is of
      Address: L C RD BANGALORE
      State: KARNATAKA
      District: BANGALORE URBAN
      Branch: L C RD
      Contact: 25591192
      IFSC Code: SBIN0040016I
      Thus I have decided to take action against this fraud company.

  2. Elements Data Solutions

    @samira sheikh, This is an official reply from “Elements Data Solutions”,
    Don’t try to make false claim against us, could you share your registered username or the issue faced by you?
    Just you are trying to portray us as fake without a reason. we have already mentioned our bank details on our website, you don’t have to go and collect anywhere as you have written. We are not hiding anywhere, for security reasons we have not mentioned our office address and contact details on our website, if you need them contact our helpdesk we will provide you, you may visit our office during working hours. First explain the issue faced by you in detail and try to prove that you are not fake.

    @Others, Kindly contact our helpdesk to get your issue resolved.


      I was about to pay .since looking at reputation everybody claims you people are cheat.. Thus decided not to invest any money .. A small advice , never disrespect people ..a cheat money is a cheat ..someday u will face a problem like other corrupted scamstars faced..

      @others .. Thank you saving me

  3. Gontu Jyothirmai

    Yes it’s a stupid company. Why they don’t understand about people who got chested. Filing a case is the best idea. Let’s ask compensation. If the court orders to pay compensation they will get sense and will not cheat others. I surely files a complaint just will wait for a couple of days and file a case against them. If I didn’t get the login details I will file case as I have proof of payment of money as registration fee. I am a law student so I support justice if the company don’t respond I will take action on them. I paid Rs. 390 on onlinedataentryjob.com. The case charges will also be paid by company along with compensation. So if the company don’t respond it will be severe.

  4. My self Binita Sharma
    I was paid 390/- dated25/5/2019.but i did not get my user id i wants refund my rupees.

  5. It was assured that the amount of 390 will be refunded once logged in.
    But nothing of that sort happened. In addition I was redirected to AdsMacro and there also I havent been paid a penny for 2 ads that I copied. Is this all a scandal?

  6. After going through various comment and problem faced by many people I think they are earning money from innocent job hunter and fraud them . Many Many thanks to people who have faced the problem and exposed their fraud character by their experience . Your comment will help to save other. Now my decision is not to pay 390 fee.

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