Ericsson Global India Pvt Ltd – Unnecessery biiling

I am Debakanta Sadangi very regret to inform you that as i am part of one corporate connection user of Ericsson Global India Pvt Ltd , informing you that :

Again i have charged Rs 198.00 for d2c_ndtv_valuepk_9 & d2c_mobitrans_99 which is disgusting for the month of December,2014 which is attached in the mail.

As i have raised the issue before but that has not been resolved and now also same thing happened again. I know you will not take any responsibility to resolve.

And as per my comment this is a very bad service by vodafone.

Hence from this month onward i would like to disconnect the corporate plan.

Downloads: Number Duration Charges(Rs.)

21/12/14-00:59:06 d2c_ndtv_valuepk_9 0:00 99
21/12/14-00:59:37 d2c_mobitrans_99 0:00 99

Previously I had been charged for Rs-246 extras without any usage and the description are mentioned as per the itemized bill as Wapvila_ppd and shotformat_dwnlp_9 on 8/10/2014.

Debakanta Sadangi,

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  1. Hi, I am Sameer Duggal very happy to inform you that I am using vodafone postpaid connection but some of amount has been deducting unnecessary of below mention services which I do not download & not using….Kindly check & given the waiver for the same.
    27/11/ 14-09:16:16 shotformat_dwnlp_9 0:00 99
    30/11/14-10:24:41 wapvilla_ppd 0:00 99
    04/12/14-09:12:19 sf_tinytvw_w_77 0:00 77
    07/12/14-11:08:13 d2c_mgossip_pack49 0:00 49
    07/12/14-17:20:20 hello1_tvallsouth_ 0:00 30

    above mention service charges has been deducting…check the same on priority & revert back balance.


    Sameer Duggal
    Sai Interiors


    Same problem with my Vodafone bill also.. it shows…
    03/12/14-18:42:26 d2c_mobitrans_99 0:00 9 9 46
    10/12/14-04:28:07 wapvilla_ppd 0:00 9 9 46
    Total 2 Calls 198.00