Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt Ltd – Paid Rs 4500 but not got Refund baafter 6 months of expiry

I have registered with Exalt Consulting on 10 September, 2012 for getting good job. They took Rs 4500 and said they would refund the amount if they could not provide job within 6 months. In these 6 months they have arranged a single interview in Magma where the company doest know about the interview only. How funny is this?? And what a insult to me?? Further i have not got any job offer from them. I got job from my own effort. I have their contract with me. After completion of 6 months i have given them my new company offer letter, the receipt of the payment of Rs 4500 that i made to them and all other details they have asked for. But they are delaying it for last 6 months. Now thay are saying to wait till 15/11/2013. Whenever they pick up the phone they say you will get it immidiatly. Dont know when their immidiatly will come. Please look into this so that i can get my money as soon as possible as i cant wait anymore because money has interest. Will they pay me interest on their delay. I dont want any interest i just want my money immidiatly as i require money. And I wish that no body else have to go through such circumtances like me by beleiving in such kind of institute.

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  1. Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt. Ltd

    Dear Kabi Saha,

    We have come across your blog posted at the link:

    As per your statement

    “I have registered with Exalt Consulting on 10 September, 2012 for getting good job. They took Rs 4500 and said they would refund the amount if they could not provide job within 6 months. In these 6 months they have arranged a single interview in Magma where the company doest know about the interview only. How funny is this?? And what a insult to me?? Further i have not got any job offer from them. I got job from my own effort. I have their contract with me. After completion of 6 months i have given them my new company offer letter, the receipt of the payment of Rs 4500 that i made to them and all other details they have asked for. But they are delaying it for last 6 months. Now thay are saying to wait till 15/11/2013. Whenever they pick up the phone they say you will get it immidiatly. Dont know when their immidiatly will come. Please look into this so that i can get my money as soon as possible as i cant wait anymore because money has interest. Will they pay me interest on their delay. I dont want any interest i just want my money immidiatly as i require money. And I wish that no body else have to go through such circumtances like me by beleiving in such kind of institute.”

    we understand that you were not satisfied with the services offered by Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt. Ltd during your tenure of services. Since it is causing serious dent to our business we have introduced special team of customer care to resolve the consumer issues, if any.

    Unfortunately we are unable to match your details with our existing database since no valid details are displayed on the blogs as mentioned above. We request you to send your query/issue/complaint with your registration and contact details which you have provided at the time of registration to customer.care@exaltconsulting.com immediately within three days from the receipt of this e-mail. So that our special customer care team will take your issues (if any) on high priority and will try to resolve them at the earliest.

    Customer Care and Public Relations

    1. Hi

      I hope your doing good, I was about to make the payment

      Thank you for the information sharing

      With Regards

      P.Sanjay sarma

      1. shahameer Sheikh


        I thanks to exalt placement team who guided my younger brother in getting placed, i was really worried about hin since he was having less than 60 throughout academics, its because of your training sessions and proper approach he got placed in such good company. I think for a fresher with less percentage 2.13 is quiet a good package.

        Shahameer (brother of Rafiq sheikh registered on 23rd nov 2013 regi no. 3472 )

        1. wtf??i have got registerred on july 31st,2013.and did not get any interview call from that bludy ECPS..and how did your brother got the job??unbelievable…………………

          1. Shahameer Sheikh

            Dear Prabhavathi,

            I have shared my experience with them, if you have some problem with your process u contact them rather than questioning my experience

                1. hey thanks for the people who posted their reviews i got registered with them and i got offer also now just waiting for joining letter

              1. HI, Sanjeev
                This is siddharth can you plese share me from which two companies you have got the onsite call because Iam also looking for onsite opportunities .So, can help me out before registering with this consultancy.

              2. Mukesh Raikar

                hey.. I am thinking to register their for job placement. But, looking at review i am confused. Please tel me should i register.
                I am fresher. Thy have told me to pay Rs.3,500 for registration an will provide material for interview preparation. And also will give 21 companies to attain interview, valid for 3 months. But i have to pay them Rs.15,000. after getting job. even they have told will refund registration fee after getting offer letter.

                1. Jagjeet Singh

                  Dear Mukesh,
                  If you value your money, do not register. No consultancy worth their salt will ask for money before the candidate gets a job. I had registered with them in October 2013 and I’m still waiting for the refund. 🙂


                2. Jagjeet Singh

                  One simple way to confirm that all the positive reviews above are bull c*@p is when you notice how none of the people who got offer letters mentioned which company/location they are at. Because if they do, all we have to do is a simple search on LinkedIn and their bulls*it will exposed.


              3. Hi Sanjeev,

                Which company you are working for? what’s your experience and designation? Are you placed by them?

                Many thanks in advance!

            1. You f**ker Sheikh,
              stop lying about exalt. They are a bunch of crooks who are just looting the students who are in need of job. You bastard! Stop giving such positive reviews about this fake organization. Guys, please if you wanna save money, stop going to exalt immediately.

            2. Jagjeet Singh

              Mr. Shahameer Sheikh and all the others who got placed, can any of you please share your LinkedIn profiles?
              You guys use LinkedIn, right?


          2. Hi,

            It was a right decision to register with them, finally i got offer letter in hand. i thought after gap in career i wont be able to get it. thanks for your assistance

            1. for me also. my was not ready to pay money and get assistance but now her mind is changed after my placement. i thought it might take two three months but within 15 days they got me result. lucky me

            2. S. Ramesh Balakrishnan


              thanks to your executives for making my placement process so easy. finally i gor relocated to Chennai now can enjoy the home food. cheers to exalt!!!

              1. you are right even they helped me while i was getting relocated from Gurgaon to Bangalore after marriage, i was worried that how many months it will take again to find the job here but they helped me a lot by taking all the processes as their responsibility.

              2. Hi, Is this true ,can i deposit the money ?Im in chennai only ..so avanga nijama dhan solrangala ….But overala check panadhula .. Fraud nu .. mention pannirukanga..

              3. hey ppl please tell me can i believe this company am going to deposit next month.shall i proceed the lady who talked with me is farhin from bangalore.

            3. hey i am also having gap in my carrer…so are they genuine people…plz i need your help…plz tel me about your experience with them


        2. Hi,

          i am unable to recieve your mails my friends got the venue details but still i didnt get. Please look into this matter

        3. Hi exalt thanks for the job assistance i have cleared the final round and feeling happy now. will inform u after getting offer

      2. Hey friends i wanna tell you something, before i was confused about registration but i took risk because i was not getting interviews and i got registered, to my surprise they scheduled 4 interviews in this week only i already attended one of capgemini on monday i hope i will get selected since i was just waiting for an opportunity to attend the interview and now i got four, thanks exalt consulting and sorry for previous comments. Also thanks for study material

        P.Sanjay sarma

        1. Hi Sanjay,

          Have u hot the offer letter or still waiting for..Or you are attending the interviwes only….Any confirmation received from any company as you are going to get the offer…


          1. Hey kapil Sharma,sorry for late reply

            I got offer letter from Capgemini and my joining is on 2nd Feb 2014. I also got one more offer but i thing compare to Infosys Capgemini’s offer is good so decided to join the same. This is my first job in MNC so feeling excited.

            I wanted to post the same on mouthshut.com but they deleted my comment dont know why they are not accepting the good reviews. Subojit what you said was right.

      3. Thank you exalt for starting my career with such a big brand Nestle India! Thank god i believed you, thanks thanks thanks a lot, wish u good luck!!!!!

      4. hi,

        This is terrible!! i told u i am getting 3.2LPA and looking for the hike of 4.5LPA and still you people are getting me the offers of 3.9 to 4.3 LPA please improve your service

        I have paid 4500/- always you people take my followup to attend the interview now you see what i will do i will take ur followup to refund my money till you wont get me the offer of 4.5LPA

        I am surprised so many interviews i got and till now why the hell u are unable to get me the opportunity of the company which can pay me 4.5LPA

        I have 2.5 yrs experience now and plz dont give me the reason of my PUC percentage

        1. Whats wrong with you dude? Nobody gives 4.5 for a beginner with just 2.5 years. There are more qualified people out there who deserve to earn that much!

    2. Dont pay money to them. YOu guys will never get any job or they will not provide any money back. You will just loose the money. I registered and paid 4500. Never even got a call from a company. 2 or 3 fake company details they have sent me. But nothing happened. After registration period and after several calls and emails i got a refund form. Its been 1 month after i sent back the form. I did not get any money back. They will answer you weird. Dont pay to them and fall into trap

      1. Hi frds me also cheated by them by paying 4500. they did not provide single interview for me. and also when i asking my money refund they are teling so many lies. we need to stop these fake companeys. if we go and ask single they will tell these much frauds. so we need to face them unitedly. if any body need help from me regarding this contact me on this id vinik2727@gmail.com. we need to face such frauds unitedly pls come frds……

        1. Guys Definitely we have to close this proud company, like you and me there are so many people suffering after paid money and no refund also, this proud company name it should come with TV9 or any other media news it should be close fix all friends one day we will go along with media. friends share your email ID we will fix one day

          1. nagaraja tu sach main naagich hai re!! kamine gar tu saccha hota to ab tak aisa kar chuka hota…. you coward

      2. hi,

        This is terrible!! i told u i am getting 3.2LPA and looking for the hike of 4.5LPA and still you people are getting me the offers of 3.9 to 4.3 LPA please improve your service

        I have paid 4500/- always you people take my followup to attend the interview now you see what i will do i will take ur followup to refund my money till you wont get me the offer of 4.5LPA

        I am surprised so many interviews i got and till now why the hell u are unable to get me the opportunity of the company which can pay me 4.5LPA

        I have 2.5 yrs experience now and plz dont give me the reason of my PUC percentage

    3. Hi,

      I am Anilkumar B, I registered with your organization 08/10/2013, registered mail id is cnuanil.b@gmail.com and number is 8105323999.

      I got job from my end and I submitted refund form on 08/11/2013, at the time of submission refund team guy said “you will be receive money in respective account with in 15 working days”.

      As to day is 15th working day I called refund team, now same guy is giving some irresponsible answer and disconnected the call.

      If you want any clarification, call me on 8105323999

      Anilkumar B

      1. Hi Purvi, Anil, vinay, nagraj

        Kindly call to sahil sir on 9632696437 because i got my refund , this person helped me to get my money back

        amit sinha

    4. Subojit Mukherji

      Dear team exalt,

      Please i wanna share something with you. I went through the reviews posted in mouthshut.com i wanted to post my experience with your company as you helped me for getting job. i thought of giving reply to the misunderstanding of the people who are posting in the internet but when i posted the good things about your company my account got terminated and they deleted the post dont know why they are allowing only negative things about your company just wanted to inform you this and wanna say thanks from Rajesh bose, suparna roy and debashish ghosh to place us though we were freshers

      i have mailed you all the proofs to the mail id to legal@exaltconsulting.in please please check those i guess someone is purposely doing your negative publicity and most of the people are those who didnt even taken your service then also barking like communist and a leader of some party.

    5. Rightly said…it is a fraud company…..i hv paid 4500 on 27th july 2013,…but still i didn’t got my money back which they promised. I have called them so many times, visited their office, mailed them n no. of times for refund. but nothing happened. Now, they asked me to compile list of all email transactions and email that…WHAT A JOKE!


      1. hi,

        This is terrible!! i told u i am getting 3.2LPA and looking for the hike of 4.5LPA and still you people are getting me the offers of 3.9 to 4.3 LPA please improve your service

        I have paid 4500/- always you people take my followup to attend the interview now you see what i will do i will take ur followup to refund my money till you wont get me the offer of 4.5LPA

        I am surprised so many interviews i got and till now why the hell u are unable to get me the opportunity of the company which can pay me 4.5LPA

        I have 2.5 yrs experience now and plz dont give me the reason of my PUC percentage

    6. Hi,

      Thanks exalt for getting me the job in Ocwen but i also request you to assist my friend sana who got registered on the same day. She is getting the interviews but not getting through. Please please guide her.

    7. Dear Mr. Representative,

      Why do some one pay you money? Are you providing any training for the candidates?
      Need the details on how you are spending money and process of placing an experienced person in companies.

      Fraud Investigations Team

  2. Refund of Application Fees
    Please don’t pay fees. They have office, but they will not refund the money. Even I lost my Rs.4500/-. No one is taking call.

    See reviews on below link



    You can mail me your query on dalalbhavin@yahoo.com

  3. Really it is a very big fraud company. Before registration they promise you that we will arrange atleast 5 interviews in a week but its been 45 days they haven’t scheduled any interview yet. Now after registration and making payment they not even receive the call. If they receive they put on hold or they will cut the call. Also they will Schedule the Interview where Walkin drive is going on. THIS IS A CHEATER COMPANY. REQUEST YOU PLEASE DONT GET REGISTER WITH THIS AND DONT PAY ANY AMOUNT.FRAUD FRAUD AND VERY BIG FRAUD COMPANY.

    1. Mukesh,

      Even I got effected with this fraud company. Please suggest me if u any one of you have filed a case. I would also like to join in fileing a case on them.

      1. Sudheer Goswami

        Court accept cases on fraud company not on genuine company Exalt is genuine company they helped me in my placement

  4. exaclt consultancy placement services, the most fraud company ever. fraud fraud,….file a case and people who work also should be affected. cheaters. they are doing this with some support, or else its not possible they do it continuosly. bring to media notice

    1. As if media has no ear and eyes and it is a toy of every persons entertainment. I am the news channel reporter after seeing these negative reviews i went to their office checked every proof of genuineness then i am declaring here that they are a very professional genuine consultancy if their customers are having any issue they can approach their customer care department. Dont spoil media’s name simply I felt ashamed that we news channel people also fall in pray of such defamatory content written against companies for gain of someone else’s and we come back spoiling our own name.

  5. Hi Friends,
    I had Registered on 27-09-2012. I had paid for Rs.4500/- they promise me that they will help for find the job and also that they will refund amount if they cannot find any job for me. So I have joined. I have received the mail from ECPS regarding interview Schedule, I went to that place there is no such organization in that place. I call to Mr.Hussian and explain what happen he replied that no problem next time we will do needifully. In mean while I myself search the job and I had selected in the interview. So,I applied for refund. Mr.Sahil said we will refund the within one month. This details quote from mail(“We are here to inform you that the refunds which were getting processed on 15/02/2013 has been postponed till 25/02/2013 due to few internal problems of bank we couldn’t process it on 15/02/2013. Request you to have patience as we have re-scheduled the payments on or before 25/02/2013.”). Still I have not received money till now. If I call also they are not proper responding to me. Kindly take action on them.

  6. hey motherfuckers , cocksuckers,
    gandus of Exalt consultancy
    why you people are cheating other people.
    instead of cheating the other people ,send your wife , sister, or you only go to prostitution work and earn money

    1. Subojit Mukherji

      What an unprofessional language is this , this website is to post views dont spoil the name of this website by posting such abusive words

    2. yes those r suking people, they will suck all the people those r unemployed, and they will not been refund the amount, every time they will search for new people for they will suck cock’s and ass .. of un employ people..

  7. Guys i have also payed them 4500 , its been 4 months they are not responding , can any one help me get my money back .

  8. Hi Kabi, thanks for the post. I was about to pay the registration fee (Rs4,500), when I came across this review of yours and all other comments.

  9. please don’t pay for this people. My husband struggled for more than 6 months to get the payment back. He din’t get even one single interview. While returning the money, they have cut 1000rs as service charge. No services were given, and how can they do that?? When asked they are telling we need to speak to higher authority. Its waste of money/time/phone calls for tracking ur money back. Please avoid if you get calls

  10. HI all,
    Thanks a lot for the reviews.
    I had received a call from exalt consulting and they promised me to give a job with 50% hike in my current salary by registering myself by paying Rs 4500/- + service tax i.e Rs.5000/-.
    The lady informed that it will be a permanent post in an MNC and committed that i wont be forced to leave this job on any grounds like performance (since i will be employed from Exalt 🙂 ) etc…but only if i resign.I was surprised to hear this but now after reading all the reviews i am not going to make any payment.

    Thanks a lot everybody for saving my hard earned money

  11. Thank you for valuable feedback…. I just had conversation with one of the customer executive of ECPS and she told that they have immediate openings at Accenture, Syntel and so on. They also told me that I will be getting good starting package and Rs. 4500 will be refunded irrespective to if I get job or not. They can arrange interview within couple of days. I was pretty convinced but then I search for it and here I found that I was no exception to whom the offer was made and it is a mere camouflage and there is no core substance in the offer.

    I really Thank every one , including ppl who commented to save me from this fraud.

    Just be aware and self conscious before taking any decision.

  12. Hi Friends,

    Hope I’m also one of the member who got registered with them and got their valuable services of shit.
    First they tap all the fresher who are applying in the portal and have a icey conversation with them as they only lead all the leading MNC in India and they are the board director of it.”BULL SHIT” .Even I made my presence over der and met MISS SANIA who laid trap for me and my friend and still they had not refunded the amount to us.These bloody craps send all the opening which are their in the portals and say your profile has been shortlisted.Really i dont find any apt word to scold des burgers.
    And do please do not register with them any more their are many other consultancy who do all the craps before you proceed with any just have some information abt them in net it will be usefull and be aware of fake comments because their own employees do write all the comments also.

    We registered ourself in Aug-12 and still they are refunding the amount.

    Simple to say they are corporate Beggars.who get money in HI-Fi style.


  13. Thanks a lot for all those who have provided feedback about Exalt/ECPS, sorry to know that so many of you have lost your money. A female called me on 23rd Dec 2013 at 6PM from a Bangalore Fixed Line Number and just rushed so quickly with her script, she did not even allow me to talk to her and when i tried to get some response she informed me about the mail she would send me and i can reply to that if needed. I guess after reading these reviews no one would dare to spend even a single rupee. From all the comments from various people we can clearly understand that these people are trained frauds and they do it purposely. I think they have a few telephone numbers with which they cheat by having mock interviews. God knows how these 3rd rated rascals get the heart to cheat innocent job aspirants, they will learn their lesson one day for sure.

  14. Hey guys i think we should make everybody known of this fake group, and should also be making some complaints but with right proof, which i guess you everybody must be having

  15. Thank you guys for this warning. I was about to pay 4500 but now I’ve decided against it. Seriously, this needs to stop so that no fraud company can take away even a single penny from our hard earned money. Again thanks a lot!!!

  16. Thanks for sharing info guys. Just now I received a call followed by a mail from them. I attached this page and sent back to them for future course of action.

  17. Just paid the Rs 5000 fees to them yesterday.
    (Got late in seeing this blog)
    Any damage control measures anyone can suggest please?

  18. all people suggest only don’t pay.if already paid what about that persons,so the persons who are near to exalt put a complaint on police station with national media like ndtv etc.we will support that people before raising complaint intimate all through mail and phone.my id is msganesh472@gmail.com

  19. Sorry for your loss and thanks for the post.
    I got a call from them (some one name Aamina Begum – aamina@exaltconsulting.in ) and she gave me same shit about Rs 4500 and refund and interview with big wigs.

    Although I was not looking for a job but few of friends are looking. So I thought to verify the credentials of this company and looks like these guys are big fraud.

    Again sorry for your loss but this thread must have saved lot of people being victim.

    I have circulated the word in my circle about this company and everyone should do the same.


      I didnt get call from this company but have one friend Mr. Soban who is has attended two to three interviews from exalt and is about to get the joining letter from Cipla in this week, i have seen many job postings i got information from ministary of corporate affairs that this company is an incorporated company and is existing in this company since 7years

      i have bit confusion that the company which is scheduling the interviews which is pvt. ltd and which is paying service tax and following all govt. regulations since 7yrs how can it be fraud ???

      might be 100% placement is not possible for them but it doest mean that they are fraud or not at all providing the service in fact its a good help for a working professionals for us since we dont get time to find and followup with the job opportunity.

      i have also went through their website they have mentioned their terms and conditions from which one can easily recognize that they have different departments like support, refund and one more which my friend told i.e. placement they also have own lawyers (mentioned in their terms and conditions) how come a fraud company can provide support to its customers??

      Their concept is good and new but might be they are unable to market it properly. My friend said they have office in shivajinagar, bangalore might be 60-70 employees are working there. If it would have been a fraud company i dont think so that so many people will support a scam

      This is what my view because i am an HR in a Magna and i know surviving in this recruitment industry is tough they must have helped many candidates through their service thats why they are able to survive since 7 years.

  20. this company is a big fake, Due to your employee fake promises ( Ms Sanjana, ) i have registered my self on 24th Dec 2013 – Naveen Kumar Sharma – 9911664700, and paid Rs 6500/- on 24th December , Ms sanjana told me to conduct interview on 26 & 27th Dec afterward she gone and til now not coming over phone. they call people only to sell there fake serives and once you paid they will not coming over phone .
    Even till date they have not sent any signed document from there side. and forcing me to read Term & Condition, which is made in company favour . and they are forcing me to take the service which i dont required.

    i need my money back from this fraud company .


    1. I think i made the biggest mistake of my life of not reviewing these blogs and paying the money. Worst part is even after so many people complaining about fraud in Consumer redressal Forum There is still no action from the government or the police. Strange. In this case there can be only two reasons 1.) These people are really smarter than any conmen and can even fool the criminal investigators or 2.) they have a strong political and goons backup. Otherwise big office 60-70 employees, Service Tax, Bank account number 8 years old company I guess this can only happen in India

  21. Hi Guys, These is a baldy fraud company, they ask you to get registered by paying 4500 rupees with a commitment that they will schedule interview with there clients.

    Note : Funniest things about this fraud company is

    1) They call all the job portals as they clients. They don’t have the capability to schedule an interview by there own. They email you all the jobs posted in famous jobs portal. They don’t understand what is your profile. They search for a particular word from the requirement and if its there in your resume they send you a mail.
    2) In the registration form, its mentioned that you have to pay them 2 or 3 months of your salary if you are placed through them . They don’t know the fact that all the MNC are ready to pay thousand for the consultancies if they place a right resource. This very clearly show there level of experience and there zero % business contacts into IT industries.
    3) They don’t know the meaning of schedule, they send you a mail that is posted in job portal today, asking you to attend interview tomorrow. These baldy bitches are jobs less and they think every one are the same.
    4) Refund Process : Here is the number 080 6400 0451 you call them continuously from 9am to 6pm all there working days,there phone line is always busy. Because its a fraud business right they never want to receive any calls. refund@exaltconsulting.in there mail address in related to refund , you write them 100 mails and you will never get a single mail in reply..
    5) I have hell lot to post about it running short of time…will post all these into social sites and also into new papers. My intention is to make sure that people are not cheated by Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt Ltd . …..Fraud companies will never know the value of money unless and until they earn it honestly…

  22. I read a post that was posted by one of the HR from Magna, I’m not sure how much these ECPS Pvt ltd has paid him to give a positive review about the fraud company.

  23. Thanks so much guys to save me from this shit, just now I got call from exalt and a lady said, she is arranging my interview with tata, accenture etc… With salary of 80k, and I will be direct employee… Just need to pay 4.5 refund amount.. By taking with her I got doubt.. It was feeling like she is lying.. Thanks to save me guys

  24. If soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many of you have got cheated then why not even a single person has given police complaint against them? if atal sooooooooooooooooooo many of you have got cheated then that consultancy should have got closed? why is it that they are still open? has any one thought about it? has any one taken any action against them? can any one answer me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Miss Yasmeen, are you ready to fight against them, if so share your contact details. Will contact you and lets fight against them..

  25. Hi…very rightly said, it is a big fraud company. I have paid 4500 as introductory fees on 27-6-2013. Still I didn’t got my money back. After so many calls, emails & visits nothing worked out. Infact now they asked me to compile all email transactions and mail them….WHAT A JOKE…something they can do it. They are just postponing things for useless reasons. However, I just want to tell one thing…PLEASE DON’T FALL IN THEIR TRAP!

  26. Hi guys ,

    I really feel , why only the negative feedback is been saved here , Im doubt if they are genuine .. I have registered with ECPS nov 2013 and they have taken 4500 from me with the same promises that they have given all . Im 7 years exp and was looking for mid level management . As per they promised i got the first interview call with in 1 week from Dell India . and unfortunately i couldnt clear .. they have again got another interview in 3 weeks scheduled with IBM and I have cleared it .. Now im a PM with IBM India .. This is my personal experience . I doubt on the genuinity of the feedbacks provided here . Im Happy with the service that they have provided . Thank you Parveen and Nisha who helped me to find my desired Job


    1. hay sree your having 7 years of exp and you went through consulting that mean you r having a bad and verst back round is it right? so you r not an genuinity person. i got u .
      the people whois having more then 5years exp they wont approch paid consultincy. that every educated knows that. dont give the fake notes be genun.

    2. Hello Mr Sreekumar KR , your are a PM in IBM….share your short id let me ask my friends to check in IBM portal….funny……With 7 yrs expr you can hardly become a TL in IBM….I hope the fraud employees of Exalt are posting these positive comments …just to cover there cheating business…

  27. Hi every one, i have registered with ECPS Pvt Ltd Bangalor. on 25/06/2013, and those Bledy BUSTED’S not provide any service after paying the amount,and N number of times i have mailed to them refund@exaltconsulting.inregistered2012@exaltconsulting.in about refund amount, those ASSHOLES people are suking our money like any thing, and those BUSTED’S are saying that today evening itself you will get the amount in your account you can check it.but those BUSTED’S ASS HOLES are not crediting amount in to account, Exalt consulting Bangalore.

  28. Hi every body, those who r cheated by EXALT CONSULTING PLACEMENT BANGELOR. kindly send me your over details to my Mail ID: prasadprasad92@gmail.com,
    i need support to file a case on those people so kindly gather to one place.
    call me : 09743996032.
    send me your invoice scan copy and mail transaction with Exalt consutling.

  29. hi
    those who have given positive comments are part of Exalt team, all r hifi cheaters .don’t believe dey speak vry nicely but ll cheat. don’t waste ur money with Exalt

  30. This is such a fradulent Company… they make business by cheating people.. i should have checked the reviews before going to that SHIT organisation.

    PURE Business organisation. they doesnt have any contacts with BIg Companys.. they jus use their names. and we were not allowed to say the name of Consultancy when we go to the interview. so , we harldy know if they give information reg walkins in any organisation.

    hello Exalt cheaters, Remember the every penny u took from gonna effect u and ur family.ur wife/ husband and kids. parents every1

  31. i want mu money back please…
    somebody help..
    i too have paid them 4500.. still nothing i have got..
    and that too the interview schedule i got are not related to my profile…

  32. It’s the bullshit service provided by ECPS. These buggers are not at all scheduling inteviews & also not ready to refund. Guys dont be fool to register for this kind of service. it’s completely bullshit service.

  33. Hi Guys those who are cheated by this fraud company, please post your FB user name, ill create a image of this fraud company along with all the links in which complaints are posted and ill tag you ..So that you guys can share and lets make sure that non of our friends are cheated because of bas___ds….

  34. Hi,

    I have registered in ECPS in September 2013.I mentioned them to conduct interview for the location Delhi NCR,but they didnt made any single interview and now when I mailed them lot many times for refund,they neither pick my call nor reply my email.
    I kindly request you if you get this message please refund my 4500/- asap.


  35. Thanks a lot guys…!!!! jz nw i got a call from ECPS ,they said me to pay d amt…. Thank God i got through al these reviews……. thanks a lot…

  36. Thank you Guys!!!

    folks were asking me my credit/debit card details :))

    loosers …

    Thanks again!

    Guys I would say, dont believe such companies who asks for money for Job placement services.
    they receive good money for clients in real, they really dont have to ask for money from job seeker.

  37. I am registreing formal complaint in a Police station in Domlur-branch, anyone interested please come there today around 3PM..

  38. Myself a small employee of Gujarat i had gone to Banglore and got mail from this HARAMI PEOPLE of ECSP. i undergone in ther spider web of Consulting.
    they take money from me of Rs.4500 and promised me to provide good job in companies i had waited their and also returned to Gujrat and following from last 6 month for refund.
    They all R CHUTIYA..

    I think i made the biggest mistake of my life of not reviewing these blogs and paying the money of Rs.4500 for the consulting. Worst part is even after so many people complaining about fraud in Consumer redressal Forum There is still no action from the government or the police. Strange. In this case there can be only two reasons 1.) These people are really smarter than any commonmen and can even fool the criminal investigators or 2.) they have a strong political and goons backup. Otherwise big office 60-70 employees, Service Tax, Bank account number 8 years old company I guess this can only happen in India
    From last 6 month myself following for the same but they are delaying and postpone for paying and finally they told that your refund has been rejected due to that htey had scheduled so many interview but you havn’t attended the same but as i know all of those were walkin from new papers.
    they chown my Rs.4500 Rs and also not picking up phone.
    they are big foolish person ver i seen.

    Friends never paid any consulting fees for the Job..if anyone say to pay for the job then don’t go ahead ..
    ECSP IS the Worst Consulting Company in the World..

  39. Jagjeet Singh

    Hi Team Exalt,
    I had paid the application fee as mentioned by your representative in Oct 2013. Can someone from your team please please look into this and refund my money?

  40. Exalt consultancy, they are realy fraud guys, by taking 4500 rs and not even scheduling single interview . please don’t pay them. those who are writing comment in favour of Exalt they are from Exalt itself. totally fraud …………………..!

  41. This is fraud consultancy now they r telling me that u ll receive ur amt within 15 days but stiil I m waiting for last 1 and half months. please guys don’t invest ur money for this consultancy as well u r time. fuking layer ……….

  42. I would like to alert everyone not to fall in the trap of Exalt Consulting Pvt Ltd. My friends they paid the fees and are still trying to get the refund. They did not arrange a single interview and on top of it the executive has stopped answering the phone calls. When you call their landline number, they are disconnecting the call without providing the information you are looking for.

    My friends have also informed Naukri.com as exalt consulting pvt ltd is registered with them and are sending fake job openings. Naukri.com management informed they have been receiving such complaints from other users and have assured they will be taking corrective actions by BLACKLISTING them.

    I will post further once my friends receive any update from Naukri.com.



  43. hi, i ever seen such a worst consultancy in my life..

    they are charging 4500 and they dont have any tieup with any concern..they are scheduling interviews posted in Naukri,Monster and shine, etc..

    They have scheduled 10 interviews and they are not matched for my profile and i informed everytime to them and i got same emails from Naukri/Monster//Shine..

    While i asked for REFUND they said it was approved and they asked me to wait for 1 month for REFUND and didnt refund my amount as they have scheduled more than 10 interviews, i got reply like this..HOW FUNNY..:)

    Instead of cheating people like this, they can beg in Banglore streets with their families..

    Such a WORST WORST WORST WORST consultancy..

    PLEASE DONOT PAY FOR EXALT CONSULTANCY…It is such a worst consultancy..

    BE ALERT..


  45. Hi Exalt,

    If you are confident enuf to place the people by scheduling the interviews. Why cant you charge the so called Rs 4500 (registration) + 25,000 (one time payment after placed ) [for freshers 15000] once after successful placement. Instead of getting in advance?


    Based on the number of interview schedule you can ask the candidate to register and pay
    For example:
    To Schedule an interview you can charge around Rs 750 to Rs 1000. If the candidate is thru then collect the rest of the amount out of 4500 + 25000. Else a loss Rs 1000 is acceptable on top of the good company interview scheduled by You. This will enable the Candidate also be equipped while attending the interviews.

    Whether EXALT senior management will consider this business process. This will right away take the stains of your concern provided the above said negative impacts on you are incorrect and reduce the victims of refund. Also scrap the Refund logic. This surely misleading the larger audience.

  46. Exalt Consultancy near Shivaji Nagar Bus stand, is one place where you are definitely losing money without getting a job.

    I thank iray for starting this issue online so that it comes to the knowledge of every job seeker about Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt ltd. The money that you pay them will be wasted along with your confidence.

    Job consultancies do not charge fees for getting you a job. Their fee is paid by the organizations or companies.

    Following are the names of their HRs, phone numbers, emails of ECPS (which I know are fake and they keep changing)
    Names : Hunsa Ara, Chaitra, Sahil (the deaf guy), Juveria Firdaus, Sanjana, Sana (the fat lady), Sania
    Phone: 080-40689595 , 080-64000451, 080-40689595/96 / 97 /98
    Emails: firdaus@exaltingconsulting.in, updates@exaltconsulting.in
    ECPS process goes like this…
    • You call them or visit them at their office and after a slow n decent discussion in which ECPS HRs utter words like Accenture, Hyundai, Tata, IBM, Infosys etc.
    • You make up your mind to pay the money (Rs.3500/Rs.4500/Rs6500) and fill the form
    • They ask you to update your details on the website.
    • After updating you wait for their call or email which comes to you after a while but as given in the reviews previously, they are either 4-6 people company where pay is below 8000Rs. or these companies don’t exist.
    • In between you realize they are fake/not helping. Now you want your money back and you write them an email asking for refund or you call them, none of which is answered. You repeatedly call them but answer doesn’t come.
    • You may also receive an email saying that ECPS has made its efforts but you were not eligible candidate to get the job. Hence, refund cannot be made.
    • You keep calling them and send emails. But no reply comes.
    Anyways, you ll never get your money back.

    One Mr. Sreekumar K R who claims that he was provided an opportunity and is now working for IBM, thanks Parveen & Nisha. These 2 names are recently added one as they keep changing the names. I even doubt if you are for real Mr. Sreekumar.

    To, Seema –Survey of exalt consulting,
    You have done a survey and have explained it well. I doubt why would you do that and strange that your many of your friends and only your friends have benefitted from it. At shivajinagar office “60-70 people working” How do you know that?
    They are doing it since 7 years (I am not sure of years either) because they know that nobody would go to police or take actions for 3000-5000Rs. You have made general observations for which you don’t have any proof.
    You have written long one in support of ECPS, you are clearly one of them.

    And please IGNORE the positive reviews as they are written by EXALT PEOPLE.

  47. Dear All,
    If any one of you even thinking of enrolling with ECPS please don’t do it. It is just waste of time. I am very fresh victim of ECPS. I enrolled with them in March (fees 4500) and they ensured me they will provide the job options for the location I referred and mentioned in application form. But as they don’t have any references and HR contacts (which they will claim during the initial discussion that they have), they will send you email (once in a week, and that is also if you keep calling their update team) mentioning that they have forwarded your resume with XYZ company and they will contact you. The most frustrating thing is they know you work in A Grade MNC company, so they will forward your resume in company (industries) that you never heard of. And yes you will never receive call/mail from that worst XYZ company also. Once you will pay 4500 then its your job to chase them, they will treat you like beggers. They will not call you back, they will not reply to your mails. I know its just 1 and half month from the day I have enrolled, but I am quite sure I will not get job from ECPS reference.
    I hope my feedback will help you guys, try on your own if you want to change the job, that is the only option you have.

  48. Hi All
    Its a fraud consultany they cheat people by taking the money(this consultany doesnt have money to feed themselves) and dont give back on time they should be handled to the police

  49. All the good statement given for this consultancy is given by exalt employees. They are one of the worst people i have seen. Even some of then are Amina, Rakesh, Aliya, there HR team. They will always tell to to cooperate. N never return there money. I pray worst puneshment for all of them. Never register to Exalt Consultant. And if you have dont this mistake. Then apply for refund now. Otherwise u will lose your money. I also have apply but they are delaying and there receptionist will always recieve your call and drop it.

  50. Really???Give me your Capegemini Employee ID. Your name is sanjay Sharma Right??Let me check if the information is correct. I just want to make sure you people are not salaried by Exalt itself. Also I have noticed that this is the only site where at least some people are putting positive reviews about Exaclt. I am afraid that http://www.complaintsaboutbusinessin itself is created by Exalt.

  51. Hi All,

    What is going on with Exalt??? Is this really a fraud company??? Pls someone guide me. This is my hard earned money and I don’t want to waste this money on people out to make easy money. Basically, don’t want to be taken for a fool. So pls tell me the fact.


  52. I am extremely confused. They called me as well and I am not sure if I should Pay them. Firstly I do not understand that why they are asking for security money? If I get job they can take this money. I am ready to provide them PDC however they are not open for this.

    Please let me know if it works or not.

  53. Hi Subortho

    Why these guys are asking for money in advance , why dont they can ask for money after candidate gets the job,and what i am observing is that there process is such, 99% of people are not getting the job and refunds.very serious issue

  54. Guys do not register in exalt consulting..They do lot of fraud things…they never place, they only take money…i had a bad experience, so since they are lot of free service never go with this kind of paid service…

  55. Hi friends,i am planning to registered with this consultancy , pls suggest me whether to register with this consultancy r not …

    1. I know there are world class Consultancy who never ask for any fees. I got call in the morning around 10.45 . the way representative explained was awesome once I told am not interested for paid service the call disconnected.

      These consultancies are paid from the companies where the candidates are joined.

  56. Mohammed Fareed

    Thank God…thanks…All , Even Iam having real time experience, I got call from them and they approach for the same, to register at this much amount. But i checked this blogs, and i escaped , from this I came to know that they are money minded..looting money from the candidates….

  57. Mohammed Fareed

    I suggest all the candidates not to go and Register in the Exalt consultancy, bcz while we are freshers some of my friends also did it to some consultancy but they fail, it is fake…they are sitting for looting money from the poor self….

  58. dear exalt consulting

    please dont bother about such false reviews we are IT professionals and we know that people get paid to write negative reviews also some fake consumer websites blackmail companies on the basis of negative reviews and extract money. This is worldwide business so plz dont stop helping the candidates like us thanks for helping me, allah is wid u, inshallah i will refer friends

  59. Hi,

    I have not checked the review of this company and have registered with them. After making the payment I have not recieved any calls until now. I am planning to ask for a refund. Please suggest me a better way to get the refund and force these people behind bars.

    1. Even I applied and paid this consultancy, but they are fraud. I am filing a case to consumers forum against them. I would request all of you to please file a case in consumers forum. They will need to pay you not only the amount you paid but also the amount you have spent for them unnecessarily.

      For eg. I came to bangalore by flight since they said an interview is scheduled, but after coming they said nothing is there. So, I would claim my flight expense as well through them.

      Believe me friends, consumers forum really helps. Let all of us do it together and bang them.

  60. Sunita Paswan

    Hi all,

    I was holding my breath awaiting my interview to be cleared one person who got registered after me Mr. Satvik got placed two days before me so was worried about the placement and for me not even a single mail came from company from past seven days.
    Finally today morning I received it. Thank god I was about to write a bad remarks about exalt on this website for this.

    By the way sorry to Mr. John of of exalt to call you in anger and frustration and feeling bad about exalts placement team that they have to handle the blames even when the delay is from companies anyways thanks for your  efforts and guidance material.

    Sunita Paswan
    Embedded Design Engineer

  61. Anurima Patel


    I am Anurima, I got registered with Exalt on 26th June 2014. Right from the registration till placement they guided me really well, As a fresher in MBA-Finance(2013 passout) I was not getting much opportunities to attend the interview before, I thought that there are very few opportunities in the market for 2013 but after getting enrolled with Exalt I came to know that even 2013 p/o people can get good number of interview calls in reputed companies.

    I appreciate the hard work of the people working here they can find what we cant specially freshers from small towns and cities get good help, for them no need to come and live in metro-city in search of Jobs and bear the expenses they can just enroll themselves with Exalt Consulting and sit at home and only move out at the time of interview schedules.

    For me as a 2013 I thought I wont get the core finance job since it’s almost 1 year after passing out but all the calls I got from Exalt are of core finance and from the reputed companies. Tomorrow is my first day as an Financial analyst and it make me feel proud.


    Anurima Patel.

  62. Please guys suggest me that i’am planning to register in Ecps pvt Ltd. As i required job urgently i have contacted them. Please please anyone guide me shall i pay 5056Rs to them?????

    1. Dear Indian Citizens…A kind advice from one of your brother…. Never or Ever Register with EXALT. They are Frauds…Girls will speak nicely, but at the end of the day YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR MONEY. Check for reviews in internet, there are hell lots of people who lost money. I am One who is asking for refund for past one year. NO reply from those people..Kind advice from me don believe the positive reply from anybody, those are written by the Exalt people themselves…Complete set of cheaters..the entire team ..

    2. Dear Deepa Sister..Please dont waste your Parents Hard earned money. Instead goto some hotel with parents, goto temple donate there, (Or) take a visit to orphange/old age home..where if you give this 5056 rupees you will get good wishes from them in the form of blessings..instead of giving the money to the Exalt cheaters..I am following for past one year..I paid 4500 rupees..Dont believe by the positive reply from anybody..It is written by Exalt people themselves..

    3. Please don’t pay. I am suffering after paying for my sister, they are not doing anything for the past 1.5 months.

  63. Hi All,

    I am telling you the truth of Exalt Consulting, Listen carefully.

    I have registered on here 12th Feb. 2012 for gulf job and I have paid 6500/- Amount, But you know guys still no reply from consulting side and I applied for refund, I have all required documents submitted and finally approved from management team and they have refund my amount after 6 month you know guys how much amount only 1500/- out of 6500/-, and when I called to refund department he said we have deduct your 5000/- for service charge.

    And when I called to refund department in second time he(Exactly I don’t know his name I think his name is Jhon) [This is refund department number: 08064000451 and mail id is refund@exaltconsulting.in and info@exaltconsulting.in] he started with abusing words and he told don’t call us on here and also he told if you have gut’s you can go to police or consumer forum but we can’t any help we have already refund your 1500/- amount.

    Guys can any one help how I can take my remaining amount?

    Guys I will suggest as per my experience please and please don’t go through with this consulting.

    I hope you can understand my problem

    1. Hey friend, please go to consumers forum, they will need to pay you more than the full amount. I am going to consumers forum. Please do go, they will be closed.

  64. Rajendra Mehta


    Really they are upto their words. For me it was very difficult to change my profile after working in bpo for 2 years I thought that now I have to continue with the same since I was not getting the interview calls for embedded domain which is my passion. I was ready to face the interview since I was in touch with the technology but I was not getting the calls due to gap.

    Exalt’s efforts really got worked out for me, first they redesigned my profile which clearly reflects my interest towards the embedded technology and it represented me as a upto- date knowledgeable person. After this they started promoting my profile to the companies and finally I started getting calls and got placed as an Associate Engineer – Embedded Systems. This is all because of team work me and Exalt done together. Now I am feeling like I am doing career not just a job.

    I recommend ECPS’s service to people who want to change their domain they will get proper training material and guidance.


    Rajendra Mehta

    1. sourabh chauhan

      @Rajendra Mehta
      @sudesh tame
      sir i am sourabh chauhan, even I am planning to apply for exalt.
      Just to share your experience can you plz provide me with your email address.

  65. Rajendra Mehta

    These Manjunatha, Gulam Deepa above are fake it seems like only one person has posted by the different names at the same timings.

  66. Hello, this is Sudesh From Nagpur. I got registered with this Consultancy in the month of July on 10th. After making payment I saw reviews on the internet. I got shocked I felt I got trapped and started making calls to their customer care about reviews I asked so many questions to them but they gave me convincing answers. But then also I was worried until I won’t get interview call but from the third day of the registration only I started getting calls in two weeks I attended almost 5 interviews through them. I even referred my friend to get register even he is getting good interview calls now.

    So finally they proved me wrong and I got placed now, thanks to Exalt Consulting

  67. Aditya Khinchi

    Hello All
    even i had a similar experience with them, i had registered with these swindlers in mar14 by paying rs 4500, they never got me any help and even their executives were rude and curt on phone everytime i tried to reason with them about progress related to my profile,… i got a job myself in april end and asked them for refund.. subsequently i was aksed to wait for 3 months to let the lock in period get over.. and even till today.. i have made some 15 calls to these people since the lock-in period got over… send my documents and details to them twice but still no word from these assholes.. they are just a scam running in name of providing jobs to people .. these people must be brought to justice!!!

  68. Hi all,

    There was a miscommunication between me and team exalt which has been sorted out long back They have already refunded my entire money. My apologies to the team Exalt . However i want to declare that i have many known people who got placed through them. They are not doing anything fraud.

    I was thinking of deleting this post after my issue getting resolved but this forum doesnt have the option for that. Once again i apologies to Exalt.

  69. hahaha….. be aware don’t fall in trap. No consultancy ask for money for placement.They get enough money from their clients. I suggest the people who feel they are cheated should go to the consumer forum. It’s located near Mayo Hall, MG Road. There are lots of lawyers who can help. Below is an e-mail I got from them…. strictly avoid

    Husna Ara
    Attachments11:51 AM

    to me
    Dear Sachin,

    Sub: Registration fee payment instructions

    We thank you for the interest shown towards our services, This is with the reference to our telephonic discussion had on date 18th August 2014 request you to click the link below to complete the registration process.


    To complete the registration of your profile with our database, please pay the fee of

    Rs.4500+12.36% of service Tax, Total amount payable as Registration fee is Rs.5056/- (inclusive of Service Tax)

    You may pay the fee online and the details of our account are given below:
    Account number: 040-105-002-352
    Type of Account: Current Account
    Account holder name: Exalt Consulting Placement Services P L
    Bank: ICICI Bank
    Branch: JP Nagar 6th Phase, Bangalore 560 078
    IFSI Code: icic0000401
    On receipt of the fee, your profile will be sent to our placement department who in turn will start
    processing your profile with potential employers,,,

    You also contact us on 9738772048

  70. MS Seema,
    As you had investigated I also did but What I got is that there are 2 Exalt Consuntant companies in ROC.
    1) Exalt Consultant Placement Pvt. Ltd.-> ROC-Banglor–>Date of Incorporation falls in 2013
    2) Exalt Consultant Private Limited-> Mumbai –>Date of Incorporation falls in 2007.
    About which company you are saying it is 7 years old?

  71. Hello All,

    I’m a frustrated from the ECPS Fraud Ltd. Bangalore too.

    I have decided to go to media, asking them to publish the story of this fraud company.

    I hope all of the above people have their e-mail conversation and the receipt which they have provided. In case as a proof.

    Please comment if you have any suggestions.
    Thank you!

  72. Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt. Ltd

    Dear Blogger,

    We have came across your blog through our own efforts of performing the study/research about unresolved issues of our customers (if any) with an intention to resolve


    As per your statement we understand that you were not satisfied with the services offered by Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt. Ltd during the tenure of

    services. We have introduced special team of customer care to resolve the consumer issues, if any.

    We have came across many suspicious reviews by fake identity/ without genuine information / with the names similar to our customers but not our customers, which may be

    posted with an intention to defame our brand / to pressurize us to subscribe their marketing solutions for businesses / for business rivalry; therefore it is necessary

    for us to identify the genuineness of the blogger posting review and his post.

    Hence We request you to contact us on 9632696437 or to the dedicated customer care phone line numbers provided to you for your query/issue/complaint
    .We will make sure that your query/issue/complaint will be attended with sincere attention. You can report unattended query (if any) to our special team through

    customer.care@exaltconsulting.com or support@exaltconsulting.in with your registration details.

    Note: 1. Visitors to this post other than existing customers can contact our board line number 08040689595/96/97 within office hours and clarify their doubts(if any)

    regarding the post/review. Our executives will help you.
    2. Since in the internet there are hundreds of non-government/unauthorized consumer forums, we cannot monitor each of them also we cannot assure their interest

    in resolving your queries as none among these approach us regarding your queries/ issues/ complaints after posting ; We request to our customers to directly contact us

    since we have genuine interest to provide the service to our customers and their satisfaction is at utmost priority.

    Customer Care (Special Team)
    Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt. Ltd.

  73. to
    the authority
    I’m panku biswas passd diploma and btech in mechanical engineering final year ,i am too much depressed cauz in west bengal,here is no lots of industry to get a core job….i need a job in mechanical core company plz kindly inform me details plz…
    thnking u

  74. Hi,

    I made a big mistake registering with Exalt in the hope of getting well placed. They are such a big fake in their work. They assured me a list of big companies where they would schedule interview but in vain. I call their number only to hear the person concerned is not available and the rest who would attend the calls won’t even hear what your concern is. If you corner them with some difficult questions they would hung up on you.

    I have never seen a placement agency as this, who are discrete about where they have sent your resume. They say it’s not their policy to share. How dumb can that be???? I can’t even know where my resume has been sent apart from receiving few silly job alerts.

    Am surprised that some of them have got placed.good for them I would say. My sincere request to those who wish to be registered with them please read up on them or reviews about their work. I made a mistake by not checking on their credibility.

    Now I hope to get refund from them, which I assume is going to be another story in itself.

  75. I paid Rs 4500/- in the month of October 2014, but they did not arrange any interview nor the follow up, and when I am trying to contact them, they are not getting connected, I think I will not get my refund amount and also cheated.