Fabartcraft – Cheated by sending wrong material dress

Reported By: Chandrashekar

Contact information:
www.fabartcraft.com Rajasthan

I ordered 2 combo COTTON pants for my wife and we received very thin layered thin polyester kind of material pants. This is not only cheating the customers but how will a female be able to wear such kind of dress which is so thin that the company wants to abuse female by making them to wear such dresses. The details of the dress said that it was COTTON fabric and the picture also was showing that it was made of thick cotton material but to make money they sent the thin polyester dress which is more like see through. Are we living in some western country or is this company trying to run a business to abuse and humiliate female as we ONLY ORDERED THE COTTON PANTS BUT INTENTIONALLY WE WERE SENT THIN LAYERED MATERIAL DRESS OR PANTS.

I wish that this company should be shut down as it is trying to play with female and that too in a country like India where at least most of us try to follow our Indian tradition. Also, the pants that was sent to us is not even worth Rs. 200 (both together) but we were charged Rs. 899.10 for those 2 pants. We feel cheated as well as this company is trying to abuse and insult female which is what we have come to know from the way they have sent the pants.


How to file a complaint against Fabartcraft?

* Go to page
* Write Fabartcraft in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Fabartcraft.

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  1. I want to complain against libertybag.in. It is a fraud website. I ordered a set of bags and paid online, but the very next day a different page opened with the news of launch of new products.
    There is no way to reach them. No phone number, no email.
    Beware of this fraudlent site.